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    Can you not see? This isn’t about “how racist� Mexico is. This is about Americans messing with other country’s affairs and sovereignty.
    You've got to be kidding! Are you for real?

    Mexico meddles in US affairs all the time! Not a week goes by that we don't get some whine from Mexican "officials."

    Mexico needs to stay out of our affairs!

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    Mexico needs to stay out of our affairs!

    And, CONTESTARIO, what "priest" demanded an apology from the Mexican Government? I missed THAT!! All I've seen any "priest" do is try to aid and abet illegal aliens into the United States, try to influence American Policy and Legislation on behalf of illegal aliens, especially those from Mexico; attend meetings trying to plot the continued flow of Mexican Nationals into the United States to steal jobs and business opportunities, public benefits, medical care, education and housing from the American People.

    There was actually a "priest" somewhere that thought the postal service stamp in Mexico was inappropriate and deserved an "apology"!! Gee....wowie zowie....I'd like to know who that was.


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    I think Contestaterio has a point to a certain degree. Personally, I don't think Mexico is any more "racist" than America, or any other country for that matter. I don't think ANY country has much in the way of bragging rights when it comes to being non-racist. But the only reason we bring up Mexican's "racism," Contestaterio, is because we anti-illegal immigrant activists keep getting the "racism" accusation hurled at us by Mexicans. So our point (which I agree with ) is: Dig Mexico casting stones at us. Like, who are THEY to talk.

    My feelings are that EVERY race has much to be proud of and much to be ashamed of. A "racist" is one who just looks at half of this equation.

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