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    San Diego Migrant Encampments

    Click below for the video of the camps and our encounter with Officer Reconquista

    These encampments are located in Carmel Valley, CA. It’s a northern suburb of San Diego County. There are many camps in the area but this is one of the larger ones. It’s difficult to say how many illegal aliens live here because they spread themselves out in the hills but I would estimate that there are around 400 in this area. Some work in the nearby tomato fields operated by Leslie Farms, while others seek work as day laborers and hopefully land a gig in construction. The land is owned by Pardee Homes and leased to Leslie Farms.

    You follow a side road down into the canyon where they sleep in shacks made of plastic sticks and twine. Many others sleep in their cars. They wash in a little creek that runs through the canyon and defecate wherever they feel like it. Prostitutes are brought across the border to “service” the men and boys in the camp. Some of the prostitutes are underage as well. There is a place in a grove of trees that is littered with condoms. They lay the girls on the ground and take turns on them.

    The camp also serves as an outdoor “safe house” for human smugglers, which is why illegal alien activists like Claudia Smith and Enrique Morones adore it so much. There are a lot of ugly things going on here and it’s been going on for over a decade. The local authorities look the other way and claim no responsibility or jurisdiction.

    The city councilman in this district is Scott Peters. I have tried to get an on camera interview with him but he refuses. Scott Peters is hoping to use 3 million dollars in tax payer money to build housing for the employees of Leslie Farms. If Leslie Farms was hiring their workers legally with H2-A visa’s they would be required to provide affordable housing and pay a prevailing wage. These workers would live with some dignity. But since we have no workplace enforcement and rampant illegal immigration, Leslie Farms gets away with abusing and exploiting their workers and tax payers will most likely foot the bill for housing. I’ve spoken to Peter Mackoff, the man who runs Leslie Farms on the phone and he admits that all of his workers are illegal.

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    Good on ya, Watchdog. I've heard about these type of encampments but as a woman would never venture anywhere near them. They are a very real fire hazard in the canyons around San Diego. As you well know, the brush gets tinder dry part of the year--one discarded cigarette butt and poof! Those million dollar homes nearby will be gone. I can't believe they have been permitted to occupy that land in violation of so many housing and health codes. Disgusting. You are a brave man.
    <div>"True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else."
    - Clarence Darrow</div>

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