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    Terrorist describes they will cross the border with Anthrax

    This is an incredible video on how the Muslims view us. It’s even worse than I thought. If you don’t want to use the link (in case there’s a virus), go to and look at the top ten video’s. It’s titled “An alarming video every westerner should see

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    Unreal. We are so very vulnerable. Our border situation is dismal.

    The Harsh Realities Along the Mexican Border (warning – graphic)

    The Price of Admission – Wilderness Rape Trees

    Rape Trees – A Look At The Numbers

    Trash On The Border

    Border Wilderness – Too Dangerous for the Public

    Realities of Wilderness on the Border – Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

    Wilderness Threatens Border Security

    Realities of Wilderness on the Border – HIDTA Report

    Headlines on Federal Lands and our UNSECURE BORDER

    The Perfect Drug Smuggling Corridor

    The Inadequacy of a 5 Mile Buffer for Border Security

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