Very telling that President Trump did not invite Laura Loomer, nor most of the conservatives that supported him who have been taken down by Silicon Valley corporations.

UNREAL: Facebook Encouraged Users To MURDER Conservatives

Laura Loomer
Published on Jul 10, 2019

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According to Facebook’s recently-updated policy on “violence and incitement”, death threats and incitement of violence are banned across the platform, unless your death threat is aimed at someone the social media company has labeled a “dangerous individual”. As Facebook stated on May 2, 2019, their list of “dangerous individuals” includes InfoWars host Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, conservative activist Laura Loomer, Louis Farrakhan, and Milo Yiannopoulos. Facebook’s encouragement of its users to murder Loomer and other so called “dangerous individuals” was posted on the Facebook community standards page the same day Loomer filed a $3 BILLION lawsuit against Facebook for defamation. It’s time for President Trump and Congress to act on big tech censorship and hold the tech tyrants accountable.