VIDEO: South Yorkshire police interrogate Brit for being out in garden

By Voice of Europe 11 April 2020

South Yorkshire Police have been slammed for abusing their power during the nationwide lockdown.
A viral clip has shown a Police officer from the force, that was also involved in covering up grooming gangs in Rotherham, interrogating someone for being out in their own front garden.
In the clip, the police officer talked to the people filming, claiming that they should ‘stay indoors’ to fight COVID-19. When challenged by the fact that people are allowed on their front garden, the officer responded that they couldn’t.
When someone else also challenges them on the grounds that leaflets with official information on them didn’t specify this, the officer claims that because no-one is outside and the government advocates not to be outside (but allows people in their gardens) is justified enough.
The officer also highlights how children could possibly get it being another reason – despite allowing children to be raped by Muslim groomers in the same town.
No children in the UK have so far got the virus, with 92% of those infected being 60 years old or over, often with underlying health conditions, Politicalite reports.
Another chilling aspect of this incident is that the officer tells him that she knows he had already been shopping once he makes that claim, and names the specific products that he bought ‘two cans of pop’ – which she moans about being non-essential.
This is in line with of the likes of Northamptonshire Police, whose officers have threatened to start searching people’s shopping if they don’t follow lockdown rules.
The officer in question was heavily criticised for her behaviour, with many calling it an overreach.
The director of civil liberties group Big Brother Watch Silkie Carlo called it ‘insane’.
Sky News reporter Aubrey Allegretti highlighted the response from Downing Street, which was that the ‘PM’s spokesman says rules are “if they have their own garden… they’re of course free to use it as they choose”‘.
Former UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom called the officer in the footage ‘retarded’.
The controversial far-right commentator David Vance said sarcastically that ‘just as well there isn’t rape gangs operating in Rotherham’, referring to the police failings surrounding the town’s grooming gang scandal, whereby they didn’t investigate it on the grounds of being called ‘racist’ and out of political correctness concerns.
Home Secretary Priti Patel has also called on Police forces to exercise ‘common sense’ in how they enforce the current restrictions. Responding to reports of Police searching shopping trolleys for ‘non-essential’ items she said;
“That is not appropriate, let me be clear about that.
“I work with the police and leadership every day of the week and have been since this crisis and leading up to this crisis
“That is not the guidance or the measures we have been adopting thus far.”
“We had scurrilous stories a few weeks ago about officers snooping through baskets and removing Easter eggs and that became a trading standards issue.
“That is not what the police are there to do. As I said the police are there for public order.”
“I will be very candid, not everyone will get this right. It will take a few weeks to have these measures bed in.