by Cassandra Fairbanks January 11, 2019

Fox News host Tucker Carlson gloriously roasted CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta over his series of self-owning tweets from the southern border on Thursday.

Acosta, while attempting to make a case against the wall, accidentally proved the president’s point by showing how peaceful it is in areas that have a barrier.

Carlson had a field day with a deeply sarcastic monologue mocking the blunder, as his chyron displayed “CNN Killed the Wall.”

“In fact, this debate is over. We’re not getting a barrier along our southern border. We can’t, not now, not ever. That possibility was permanently destroyed today by a fact-seeking missile of truth launched by one of our country’s premier cable news outlets in a single devastating act of journalism, CNN killed the wall. Took their biggest guns to do it.” Carlson explained.

After playing one of Acosta’s videos from Texas, Carlson added, “You see that? Take that, you nativist bigot freaks, you creepy wall obsessives. Jim Acosta just spanked you. He was there, not in some cushy, air-conditioned studio in Washington with the rest of the talking heads.”

Carlson played Acosta’s video in which he stood next to a barrier and explained that there is no “imminent danger” or “migrants attempting to run towards the fence.” He even called the area “tranquil.”

“Not a single illegal alien was anywhere near that wall. There was no tent city. There were no predatory gang members or coyotes. MS-13? Not there. There was no sad suffering caravan. Everything was just fine or as Jim Acosta so memorably put it, the area around that steel barrier was pretty tranquil,” Carlson added.

Eventually, Carlson dropped the sarcasm and explained, “see, that’s what you get when you build walls, America, tranquility. And that’s the last thing we need more of in this country more peaceful scenes like that. Wait, that couldn’t have been CNN’s point, could it? Now it’s getting confusing. We’ll have to call Jim Acosta once he gets back from latest mission and clear this up. In the meantime, though, we just want to give you some idea how stupid and buffoonish the wall coverage has been recently in case you missed it.”