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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Should the US Government Continue to Participate in Codex Alimentarius?
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Dear Health Freedom Supporter,

Through out the article below you will find information and Action Items. I know you are busy, but I want to personally ask you to take the time to read through it and take each of the Action Items for every member of your family and then share this email by forwarding it to all of your contacts asking each of them to take a few moments to do the same and then forward it to their contacts with the same request: take the Action Items and then forward to all of your contacts, etc.
There's a lot going on in health freedom - or rather, there is a lot going on to take away our health freedoms. And while there are bright spots (I'll tell you about one below so please keep reading) It can be overwhelming, I know.

Just as when you are looking at a mosaic, getting the "back story" that ties all of the individual assaults together is essential to seeing the whole picture, not just the individual pieces of the picture and being able to understand the entire reality at a glance. Then you know where to put your energy in taking action.


The battle for our health rages around vaccines and food right now with a ferocious intensity.


First, Vaccines: Despite the fact that there is not a single study showing that vaccines are either safe or effective against any disease, not one!, the Uber-Cartel continues to press forward with them to create huge profits and unimaginably large after-market sales along with infertility since, according to vaccine philanthropist Bill Gates and others, "properly used vaccines, healthcare and reproductive services can reduce the global population by 10 to 15%"

The FDA is suddenly proclaiming, out of precisely nowhere, that in 9 weeks we'll all be dead from a killer flu which requires - guess what? the failed and widely-rejected Swine Flu vaccine which is nearing expiration for which they have spent somewhere around $7B BEFORE they approved them. Gosh! What a coincidence! And, waddya know! CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recently recommended two new vaccines for kids:

1. Novartis' quadravalent meningococcal vaccine, MenACWY-CRM (Menveo®), for 11 year olds and College Freshman, military recruits and others, lots of others, including babies as young as 2 years of age is made from 13 different strains of meningococcal vaccine and supposedly "non-toxic" diphtheria organism proteins.

2. Wyeth's Prevnar-13®, a 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine against ear infections and pneumonia, 4 shots starting at just 2 months. The active ingredients have been grown using soy and milk protein (GMO? rBGH? I assume so) and are attached to the same supposedly "non-toxic" diphtheria organism proteins used in Menveo®. In addition, Prevnar-13® contains 100 ug of Polysorbate 80, associated with life-long, irreversible infertility and 125 ug of aluminum phosphate as an adjuvant, or immune system irritant. Infants retain up to 75% of the aliuminum injected IV. Little is known about how much they retain when it is injected IM (intramuscularly), as vaccines are given but, as an environmental physician I can tell you that their detox mechanisms are immature, their bodies tiny and the percentage retention is way, way too much considering that aluminum is associated by mainstream medicine with Alzheimer's Disease via oxidative stress in the brain, kidney, liver, bone and other diseases. Don't forget that the water they (and you) are drinking is treated with aluminum, too, in order to make it sparkle. There is no known requirement for aluminum, except, of course, by the Uber-Cartel. Oh, yes, the synergistic toxicity of aluminum and fluoride is much greater than either one alone and, of course, most water is fluoridated, too. ... uminum.pdf ... numalt.pdf ... heimer.htm

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