December 14, 2007

Congress Could Be Up to No Good!
Tell you Senators and Representatives to WATCH OUT for the Omnibus bill!

It’s the middle of December, far beyond the Democrat majority’s targeted adjournment date of October 26, and Congress is still in Washington. Only one of the 12 appropriations bills required to keep the federal government running have been signed into law. With time running out, Democrats have put together a massive appropriations spending bill, referred to as an Omnibus, incorporating the remaining 11 spending measures. This bill will be voted on next week!

This one bill will include over $900 billion of your taxpayer dollars! The text of this massive bill will likely not be available more than 24 hours before Congress will vote on it, leaving little time to review what is and is not in the legislation. We are very concerned that bad policies will be hidden in the Omnibus bill, while good policies will be left out.

Mexico City Policy—this longtime pro-life policy prohibits any federal funds going to foreign organizations that perform or actively promote abortion. EF urges language upholding the Mexico City Policy.

Border Fence—language could be included which would delay the construction of the border fence and require onerous coordination with Parks Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, and other agencies and groups. EF urges no language that delays construction of the border fence.

English in the Workplace—language that protects employers from government lawsuits for requiring employees to speak English. The Alexander language was passed in the Senate and affirmed in the House. EF urges the Alexander language to be included.

Congress thinks they can pull a fast one on the American people by piling up all their spending bills and hoping you won’t notice what policies they hide or leave out of such a massive bill. Call and let them know you are watching!

Take Action

Call your Representative and your Senators ... rs_cfm.cfm and let them know you want to uphold the Mexico City Policy, build the border fence immediately, and protect employers who require English in the workplace.

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