Limit Federal Power & Federal Spending
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Limit Federal Power & Federal Spending

Washington's disregard for the Constitution, and excessive spending is dangerous and unacceptable.

To safeguard Americans from an ever-expanding, practically unlimited government, Sen. Coburn has introduced the Enumerated Powers Act of 2011, a new procedural tool that will stop Congress from continuing the practice of trampling on Americans’ freedom and prosperity by passing legislation that is unconstitutional.

Members of Congress have long ignored the fact that our government is one of limited powers, and any legislation that would exceed those powers is unconstitutional. In fact, the Constitution clearly conveys the specific grants of authority to the federal government; and every act of Congress must fall within some enumerated power or else it is illegitimate.

“Our Founding Fathers understood that the only way to preserve freedom for future generations was to limit federal authority. They understood the tendency of governments to seize increasing power, and thus, they created in our Constitution, protections for posterity,