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    ? re: upcoming fight against th GW Program in the Senate

    Fantastic work that you have done in keeping us informed and focused!

    I've a question re: upcoming fight against th GW Program in the Senate.

    I know that I am expected to contact my Senators and inform them of my strong opposition to the GW Program and I dutifully will do so.

    However, I am a Californian and neither Senators Feinstein nor Boxer are going to change their stripes, nor do they fear much of a backlash from our local electorate.

    Are there any "swing" Senators that we should be focusing on, perhaps even "posing" as a constituent of that state, if necessary???

    Keep up the great work!,
    What kind of American would sell out his own country? Ask your Senator!

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    You probably already know this, but Feinstein is on the Senate Judiciary Committee that is going to consider HR 4437 three weeks from now, so you need to tell her as one of her constituents you want no amnesty provision attached to it whatsoever no matter what they call it, guest worker program or otherwise.
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    We are working on something ALIPAC style I think you folks will like.

    Will get you the details soon.

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    writing to senators/congressman

    I just sent a letter & email to all my reps for Oregona state. I just joined and love the information you send out. Thanks.

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