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    Support Builds for Pro-Enforcement Immigration Bill

    Support Builds for Pro-Enforcement Immigration Bill
    Urge your Congressmen to Support the SAVE Act!

    Even though the House and Senate have yet to finish 11 of the 12 spending bills this year, there is at least one Member of Congress who has not been dilly-dallying around. Representative Heath Shuler (D-NC) has been hard at work crafting legislation to properly and seriously confront the illegal immigration issue. Eagle Forum is proud to support and endorse Mr. Shuler's bill, which is gaining many co-sponsors especially after the Senate's disastrous attempt to "reform" immigration over the summer through amnesty.

    Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC) introduced the Secure America with Verification and Enforcement (SAVE) Act, H.R. 4088, and it already has over 100 cosponsors. The Senate version, S. 2368, was introduced by Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR) and it is identical to the House bill. The SAVE Act tackles illegal immigration from three different directions: First, it increases technological surveillance and the number of Border Patrol agents. Second, it requires employers to use the E-verify program so they can be assured they are not hiring illegal aliens. Third, it will give the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) greater resources to strictly enforce current immigration laws and to better facilitate deportation when necessary.

    How the SAVE Act Increases Border Security and Internal Enforcement:

    Increases the number of Border Patrol agents by 8,000 over five years.

    Employs the newest technology available, including satellite communication and aerial surveillance.

    Expands and mandates the use of E-verify, a free and effective program administered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) so employers can confirm the legal status of their workers. The bill will phase in all employers over four years.

    Allows for information sharing between DHS and the Social Security Administration so as to close the loophole of mismatch letters going unresolved.

    Expands detention capacity and resources for ICE.

    Increases the number of Federal District Court Judges so as to expedite deportation hearings.

    The SAVE Act is a great piece of bipartisan legislation that has a good chance of moving in both the House and Senate. During the immigration debate over the summer, there was a lot of rhetoric coming from Capitol Hill about enhanced border security and employer verification of employees. This bill gives your Members of Congress a great opportunity to prove that they actually meant what they said! Call your Congressmen today!

    Take Action

    Please call your Representative and your Senators and urge them to cosponsor the SAVE Act (H.R. 4088 and S. 236!

    Call Your Members of Congress Today!
    Capitol Switchboard: (202)-224-3121

    Read this alert online:

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    Let US Get On It

    Good report Doots & to the rest of US busy Independent Libertarians, we need to get on this one. If they insist on needing another new law to enforce the current existing Immigration Laws, that should be labeled Invasion Laws, then be on with it Congress !

    A perfect example of this lame-kneed effort in Congress, is the commercial where the man is choking on a piece of food, and the bankers are quite talking about how to help this man, and it takes another customer to simply come over and dis-lodge the food and prevent the man from choking.

    In the 'Real World,' this is simply called the Hymelic manuver. In the political world, called the 'Hiny Lick' manuver...

    Maybe Congress and the White House think if they keep talking about it, making it LOOK like they are doing something, someone else will come in and clear up the problem they evidently just found out about last week, thanks to Lou Dobbs, & the CNN You Tube debate ....


    A Bill I wish that Congress would write up and vote in, is the "Clean Up Your Own Mess Before You Leave Act !!!

    To A Better Day America !

    Your Loyal Son & Servant ~


    Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death

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