William Gheen’s Open Letter to Open Borders firm Quinn-Gillespie & Associates

It is our understanding that your firm has been hired by politicos and elite financial interests to sell a Guest Worker program to both the Congress and American public. This open letter is being placed upon our website and we would appreciate a response from you.

Our organization, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, opposes any Guest Worker Amnesty provisions or any measures that reward or legitimize illegal aliens currently within the United States. The evidence is clear that such considerations alone are driving up the number of illegal entries into the United States. Only through great deception and unfair influence could such a proposal be passed through congress.

We oppose the McCain Kennedy, Cornyn Kyle, and Flake Kolbe bills designed to legalize illegal aliens currently in America.

Your firm should reconsider your activities. What you are attempting to do is at odds with the wishes of over 80 percent of the legal American public. Should you prevail in your efforts to pass a “Guest Worker Program� (we call it SHAMNESTY), you will only add fuel to the fire of the public backlash.

There is a growing body of evidence that the 2006 election cycle will lead to the removal of many of the members of Congress you are working with to sell this Shamnesty. Your corporate clients should also be concerned that they will soon be identified to the American public as supporters of this open borders plan you are a part of.

We are certain that in the board rooms of multinational corporations, hyper inflating the American labor and consumer markets seems like a great idea on paper. Especially when you consider the fact that the credit strapped American taxpayer gets stuck with the bill for your new consumers and cheap labor.

The real problem here is that American citizenship, American sovereignty, and American territory is not yours to barter with. This nation belongs to the American citizens that pay the bills and have paid the ultimate sacrifice to build and preserve this nation and what it stands for.

Americans will not stand for you, your political allies, and the corporations filling your accounts with money to sell us out. We want our existing immigration laws enforced and our EXISTING borders secured! We are a compassionate and caring people, but we will not stand idle as your clients treat the American public as peasants or cattle. We will not stand idle as you use your influence to further flood this nation with cheap foreign labor. Your actions are not only lowering many quality of life conditions for Americans, but you are supporting actions that are in violation of our existing laws, the concepts that make America a great nation, and the US Constitution.

Word is getting around about the Border Patrol’s orders to “Catch and Release� the meager number of illegals they intercept. The nation is also learning that fines against employers, many of which are in your coalition, that hire illegals have become almost non-existent!

Now you are going to offer a forced solution to a crisis that has been manufactured by non-enforcement of our existing laws. Many of us believe that this non-enforcement has been encouraged by the same financial and political interests that want us to buy your Guest Worker Shamnesty plan.

We are also aware of your plans to defame the character of those that oppose you and this plan. The law, the US Constitution, and over 80% of the public are on our side. Bring it on!

You may have millions of dollars at your disposal, reporters and columnists in your pockets and armies of paid agents to push your plan, but we are going to fight you tooth and nail. You will not succeed in your efforts to radically transform America if we can help it. We may be a ragtag group of citizens and volunteers, but there are many of us that are dedicated to winning this political fight and holding you at bay till the 2006 elections.

Please consider this letter to be electronically tacked upon your door. This is your notice from the public. Your firm, your corporate clients, and the lawmakers that have committed to this plan supported by Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, and many others would be best suited to turn back now!

Considering the massive public opposition that the polls show on immigration issues, any firm or individual engaged in pro-illegal alien and pro-illegal immigration activities will face serious political and business consequences for such actions. Quinn-Gillespie & Associates has been identified as a primary agent for selling this Guest Worker amnesty. There are thousands working with ALIPAC. There are hundreds of allied groups and organizations ready to clobber your efforts and every week new candidates are lining up against your people in Congress.

Regardless of the outcome of this battle we know that we are right and you are wrong. We have the moral and legal high ground. Your position seeking to legalize millions of illegal alien lawbreakers cannot be justified without using lies and emotional appeals to gain support.

We will work to assure the public knows of your involvement in this escalating crisis until we receive official word that you have disengaged from the fight or you have been defeated.

William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC