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    U.S. Citizens are willing to Pay To Detain and Deport/Petit

    I realize that online petitions usually die on the vine for lack of interest, but I thought this one was well written and to the point and it also shows that those signing it are willing to make some sacrifice rather than just telling somebody else to do something. Also, the sponsor is doing a good job of keeping opposition garbage out of the signatures -- or maybe the illegal's supporters just haven't found it yet. I did find a link to this sandwiched in with several other links in another thread here, but nothing to indicate what it was about, so I thought that I would put it here should anybody want to sign it.

    Citizens of the United States want action now regarding the deportation of all ILLEGAL ALIENS that are present in our country.

    This petition is directed to all 50 state governors to establish a 1/4% sales-tax increase that the citizens of your respective state are willing to pay, with all derived funds to be used exclusively for the detention and deportation of any person that is known to be in this country illegally.

    This tax increase MUST expire 2 years after its date of implementation.

    You can sign the petition without your name appearing in the public signatures list. Your name can appear as "Anonymous".

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    Absolutely! And it wouldn't even need to be 1/4% for most states when you get right down to it. A 1/8% increase would be more than enough. But that aside, we should all sign this petition and cut the states loose with their 800,000 sworn, trained, ready, able and willing police officers to arrest, detain and deport illegal aliens from our 50 states.

    Lets go America! It's time to take our country back.
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
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    I would suggest dedicating 1/4% of incoming taxes already in existence to this purpose.
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