‘Armed American Radio’ premieres ‘Hickenlooper Blues’

Posted on: October 27th, 2014

A blues music video lampooning Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper made its debut Sunday evening on Salem Radio Network’s nationally syndicated “Armed American Radio” program with host Mark Walters. “Hickenlooper Blues,” which highlights the way the reelection-seeking chief executive has contradicted himself on Colorado’s politically toxic new gun laws, is being released on the heels of admissions by no less a source than Bloomberg News that the governor “faces [a] voter gun-control backlash.”

The video, which may gain wider media attention and grassroots sharing support as November’s election looms closer, had its origins last June on The War on Guns blog. Hickenlooper’s contradictions over his part in enacting Colorado’s anti-gun edicts, as well as his attempts to disassociate himself from accountability in a “buck stops there” move pointing to his staffers, suggested the opening lines of a blues song

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