“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg nearly Covid-boosted to DEATH as she suffers from Covid again and again

09/19/2023 // S.D. Wells // 2.6K Views

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“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg may be vaxxed and “boosted within an inch of (her) life,” but that did not stop her from coming down with a third case of COVID. Goldberg had to sit out of episodes last week while she battled the virus. Goldberg first contracted COVID in December 2021, and then again in November 2022. When Goldberg returned to the set of “The View” after her last bout with the virus, she praised the vaccines and boosters being pushed onto the American people by Big Pharma and the Biden Administration. But even her plethora of Fauci Flu shots could not stop her from contracting COVID a third time.
The news of the well-known Goldberg catching COVID comes conveniently one day after the White House announced that First Lady Jill Biden tested positive while vacationing in Delaware. The First Lady is often lauded by liberal lockdown supporters as a double-vaxxed and twice boosted hero.
Over the summer there were rumors that the Biden Administration was preparing to unleash another series of lockdowns and mask mandates, likely starting with TSA, airport employees, pilots, flight staff, passengers, and all airport patrons as early as October. Now it seems as if right on schedule there is a mass of public figures coming down with COVID, potentially sparking a new wave of mass hysteria.
But if the vaccines and boosters are as safe and effective as mainstream media claim them to be, how are all these people battling cases of COVID yet again? Well, recent research has shown that the spike proteins from COVID injections can remain in a recipient’s arm for at least six months. This is wildly contrary to claims that recipients of the mRNA jabs should only manufacture spike proteins in their system for a couple of days.

Science is showing mRNA "technology" never stops producing toxic spike prions in the body

Spike proteins are the part of COVID that allows it to enter human cells. The mRNA vaccines Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna created are genetically programmed to produce these spike proteins. However, the new research has revealed they falsely claimed to create shots that stop producing spike proteins after a short period of time.
As it turns out, they may not ever stop producing spike proteins. Some researchers believe the mRNA from their shots goes through reverse transcription, meaning that the mRNA becomes part of the human DNA genome. Yes, if you received one of these shots you may be a genetically modified organism (GMO). The process of reverse transcription is the same way human bodies react to HIV and the reason why there is no cure for it.
It is likely that Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna cut safety corners in their attempts to rapidly produce their respective vaccines. However, no one in a corner office would ever admit to that. Nor would the governments who gave them billions in research funds allow them too.
But even with the data supporting the ineffectiveness of the vaccines, mainstream media will not pick up the story. Instead, they would rather coddle Whoopi Goldberg and help lead the latest pushes of the liberal COVID narrative. That's because most of Hollywood is deeply entrenched with Big Pharma and pushes those narratives, no matter how big and dangerous the lies are for the populace.
As hysteria spreads, lockdowns commence, and mask mandates make a triumphant return, it seems clear that democratic leadership will use their own restrictive policies as justification for using mail-in ballots for the 2024 presidential election. The groundwork has been laid. Bookmark Vaccines.news to your favorite independent websites for updates on experimental gene therapy injections that never stop producing vascular-clotting spike prions and then lead to Long-Vax-Syndrome.
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