The “new normal” is to delay election results for days and days

Sunday, November 13, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) It was not all that long ago that election results were reported the day of an election, at most just a few hours after the polls closed. Today, however, election results take days or even weeks to appear: why?
As many now recognize, the 2020 election fiasco changed the game on this front, effectively normalizing prolonged vote count delays that at the time were blamed on “covid.” For the 2022 midterms this same excuse was no longer valid, and yet we still do not have the numbers for a few key races.
It would seem as though Democrats are simply trying to make excessively delayed elections a type of “new normal.” It takes time to “accurately” tally the numbers, we are told, especially now that early mail-in voting is a thing (also because of “covid”).
“In 2020, the excuse for long delays in vote-counting, for keeping Republican monitors away from watching the vote-counting, for disregarding state constitutions and long-established election integrity laws, for the use of unverifiable mail-in voting, and the like was the Covid pandemic,” writes Steve Byas for The New American.
“In the 2022 mid-term elections, it appears that Democrats, pleased with how all of that helped them in the last election, want to normalize such practices that cause serious questions about election integrity.” (Related: Check out the proof that Facebook interfered and tampered with the fraudulent 2020 election results.)
Brazil and France both produce election results within 24 hours – why can’t the U.S. do the same?

The new modus operandi seems to be that the initial counts come in on election night or perhaps the early morning after. Depending on the results, another count is done on the mail-in ballots to massage the numbers towards the desired outcome.
We saw this in 2020 and we are seeing it again in 2022: a candidate or measure appears to be supported by a majority of voters, only to have the outcome shift after the mail-ins are counted.
“We won’t know all the midterm results on election night,” reported VOX towards this end. “That’s normal.”
Is it, though? Is it really normal to have numerous vote counts happening at different intervals and times that, in some cases, lead to drastically different results than what was seen on election day?
Democrat John Fetterman, who appears to have “won” a Senate seat in Pennsylvania, is actually filing a lawsuit to add on undated mail-in ballots to the count. This will open wide the door for even more voter fraud, which is used to install the “correct” candidates.
The recent Brazilian election did not run like this, by the way. That one was finished the day of the election, just like the recent elections in France were completed on the same day that people voted.
Only in the United States and other banana republics does it take days and days, and more days, to see the results, which are clearing being tampered with time and time again.
“In France, for example, all votes are by paper ballot and mail-in votes are not allowed,” Byas adds. “And the results are reported within 24 hours. That is the way it pretty much used to be in the United States.”
Columnist Auron MacIntyre had a few words to share about all this on Twitter – now that she can, due to the Elon Musk takeover:
“They are literally going to tell us every election now that, sure, it looks like the GOP won, but just wait, we’ll count the votes until they didn’t.”
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The “new normal” is to delay election results for days and days –