2024 POTUS ELECTION: The Nuclear Truth War Begins

Posted on May 1, 2023 by State of the Nation

Just forget about who will win steal the 2024……….. …because this POTUS election cycle promises to be:

The Greatest Truth-Telling
Campaign Season Ever!!!

And that’s all that really matters at this critical point of American history.

Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

People, it does not get any bigger than this election cycle as
far as raw and radioactive NUCLEAR truth is concerned.

Nuclear truth bombs are already being dropped all over the place and we’ve barely gotten started.

With Trump under constant withering attack, his best defense is a “shock and awe” truth-bombing offense. The more the Soros-bribed and blackmailed New York prosecutors fabricate fake cases against him, the more truth missiles he will fire from Mar-a-Lago. Really, what else can Trump do but execute his own re-enactment of 9/11-style destruction throughout that most corrupt city on Earth. Bottom Line: No one on the planet has dropped nuke bombs like the original Trumpster has—NO ONE!
RFK, Jr. has also shown he’s willing to wage a nuclear truth war against the entire political establishment, and especially the U.S. Intelligence Community (i.e. CIA & FBI), for savagely killing his father and uncle. Few folks are aware but the very same perps also murdered his Uncle Joe who was originally destined to run for POTUS. RFK has already been releasing a thousand flaming arrows into the Deep State castle for several years so this truth-telling has become second nature to him. And no one has told Covid ‘vaccine’ truth like RFK, Jr. has–the most dangerous truth in the world today.
Then there is Ron DeSantis. His only reason for running ought to be to take advantage of the once-in-a-millennium opportunity to nuke the official Covid narrative just as he has been doing in Florida. Truly, no other GOP governor has even come close to putting out Covid jab truth the way Ron has. Far from being the ‘DeSanctimonious’ that Trump memed him, Ron has shown that he is willing to take far more slings and arrows than even The Donald. Were DeSantis to completely forget about winning POTUS and just go for broke with a nuke truth carpet bombing campaign, he could take down the every structure inside the Beltway.
Next up is fiercely anti-woke Vivek Ramaswamy. Now this guy is the real wild card. Not only has Vivek already dropped his fair share of nuclear truth bombs on the utterly insane WOKE movement with his best-selling book Woke, Inc., he employs his own very unique brand of political jujitsu and taekwondo as well as intellectual karate and judo. (e.g. Just watch Vivek’s spectacular interview fight with Don Lemon which took him down hard and forever off CNN) Oh, and by the way, this guy is also the smartest guy in the room — ANY ROOM — and being a typically very smart Indian-American, that comes quite naturally.
Now we come to Tucker. Who has ever broken the all-time Twitter record with nearly 80 million video views FOR JUST ONE VIDEO?! Tucker even left Trump in the dust with that epic achievement, which is a clear sign of his truth-telling popularity. Make no mistake, Tucker Carlson dropped more nuclear truth bombs on network television news than any other broadcast journalist in U.S. history. There is not even a remotely close second to that extraordinarily stellar accomplishment explained further HERE. Now it’s time for Tucker to run for POTUS with the explicit purpose of truth nuking the whole place … and in a way that only he can do it. “THE TUCKER FOR PREZ!!!” Even if he doesn’t run, Tucker will still exert tremendous influence on the race.
Let’s not forget Marianne Williamson. Now this New Age gadfly has the potential to be the real skunk at the Democrat garden party. Williamson has the rare skill of grating on almost everyone, even her fans. However, she’s also in the habit of dropping a nuclear truth bomb when you least expect it. The less political and more spiritual she goes, the more creative destruction Marianne is capable of. While virtually all of the political positions which make up her presidential platform are overwhelmingly Democrat, she’s the only hard Left candidate who could and/or would hold Biden’s feet to the fire, and under the glaring spotlight of the 2024 POTUS campaign season.

The very best that the American people can hope for between now and Election Day is that each of the candidates above deploys their most powerful nuclear truth weaponry.
In this fashion, the electorate would be treated to the most riveting nuclear truth fireworks show ever, and with an afterglow that just stuns and shocks … astonishes and astounds with each radioactive disclosure.
The primary inter-candidate dynamic would look something like this: Trump and DeSantis both try to out truth each other with one bigger nuclear truth bomb dropped after another. Just watch the explosions when they present their respective Ukraine War peace plans.
Same for Vivek and Tucker. When they both tear apart the WOKE agenda with their incisive nuclear truth weapons, there won’t being anything standing—NOTHING! How could the WOKE movement possibly endure such a nuclear truth Armageddon?!
Then there is RFK, Jr. firing one nuke truth missile after another at the totally defenseless Joe Biden. Never in American presidential politics would such devastating conflagration take place right in the White House. Biden would have to be evacuated from the Oval Office in light of the unrelenting nuclear truth threats and attacks.
The Armchair Political Analyst
State of the Nation
April 30, 2023

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