30+ Emmy winning journalist: 1% are ‘mercenary class, predators, looters.’ What do you say? What will you do?

Posted on December 21, 2013 by Carl Herman

In this three minute video, 30+ Emmy-winning journalist Bill Moyers characterizes the 1% as an oligarchy poised to end democracy and make change from within impossible.

He calls them:

  • “the mercenary class,”
  • “predators,”
  • “looters.”

What’s missing from Bill’s analysis: the 1%’s main acts in war and money are illegal, demanding their immediate arrests to stop their war-murders of millions, harm to billions, and looting of trillions.

These crimes are as vicious as can be imagined, with strategy to “cover” these crimes with corporate media to keep the public in the dark.

Mr. Moyers is clear that the 1%, if exposed, would outrage the 99% to “tear the system apart with their bare hands.”

Alternative media and public awakening are exposing the facts, providing the 99% with fundamental choices:

  1. Stand for facts and justice, especially in the face of such obvious crimes and lies centering in war and money from our “leaders.” I recommend Truth and Reconciliation rather than arrests.
  2. Reject factual examination of wars, poverty, and debt, while embracing paper-thin propaganda. That is: become a willing sheeple.
  3. Partner with the criminals to turn the 99% into clueless work animals to use for one’s own material gains. That is: turn to the evil Dark Side.

What do you choose? What will you do?

Choose carefully: choices of this magnitude have proportional consequences.