5 STAGED EVENTS the Democrats may soon put into motion to spare themselves the worst political defeat in the history of the Republic

06/19/2024 // S.D. Wells // 320 Views

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In a fair and just election, it is most likely Trump supporters and patriotic Americans vote, in landslide fashion, to put Trump back in office, and dismantle this evil tyranny that besieges us all right now. Trump would most likely win by about 40 million votes, and the Democrats would have to surrender to the will of democracy. How ironic.Get ready for not only a Trump landslide win in November, but a complete "changing of the guards" as the Democrats gets demolished in the Congressional voting also, handing control of the House and Senate to the Republicans. This could end the proxy wars in Ukraine and Gaza, stop World War III from happening, end the insane "electric everything" green scam, end the climate change hoax, stop the next plandemic from happening, restore the U.S. economy, and fix the broken Constitution back to the solid foundation it once had.
To stop that from happening, it's getting very late in the game. Very late. Do they have time to begin a new pandemic, where most of the Democrat voters, including dead ones and illegal aliens, all "mail in" their (CCP-crafted-and-pre-Dark-Brandon-endorsed) ballots? That's the trillion dollar question, but there are more.
Will there need to be a massive GRID-DOWN scenario, where some massive power infrastructure is destroyed by "Russian missiles" or even better, the Russians explode an EMP bomb in space, wrecking our satellites we use for all phones, computers, internet, cash machines, and wait for it… voting machines.
The election would get "delayed" a couple weeks, most likely the same period that was said to be in effect for the initial Covid scamdemic lockdowns. Then, after that, another incident comes, or many more, and everything gets worse, so the election is further "postponed" – which actually means it will NEVER happen, knowing Biden can't debate, campaign or win anything close to 80 million votes (again).
Here are the 5 staged events the Democrats may soon put into motion to spare themselves the worst political defeat in the history of the Republic

#1. New Pandemic Begins - most likely gain of function Bird Flu, Ebola or a new version of Wuhan-crafted Covid -- this enables ONE HUNDRED MILLION faked mail-in ballots to be created and used for a Dark Brandon "victory" and another control-tripping fear psyop.
#2. "Terrorist Event" (FBI/CIA-staged) Causes Grid Down Dark Period - this EMF explosion or massive cyber hack "requires" a temporary delay (continuing forever) of the POTUS and Congressional Elections.
#3. NY Judge Juan Merchan Jails Trump without Bail - this prevents Trump from campaigning at all (while they have him "suicided" like Epstein).
#4. Assassination of Trump - by Globalist/Leftist Funding.
#5. Biden Dies and Michelle Obama "Runs" for President.
We are 5 months away from Trump's landslide victory, whether the Left cheats or not

Get ready to defend the republic. Get ready to defend your home, your children, your land, your food, your guns, your ammunition, your clean water, your stored food and of course, your constitutional right to freedom of speech, press and religion. No matter whether the true numbers show after election night or not, the Left will go further insane than they already are. With 80,000 new IRS agents armed to the teeth, the weaponized FBI and CIA, and the deranged DHS, nothing is safe.
Even if Trump wins and the numbers show it, the Left will enter the biggest election denial campaign the world has ever seen. They will blame the Russians. They will blame white supremacists (themselves). They will blame conservatives and independents. They will riot violently in the streets of every metropolitan city in the country. Win or lose, the Demonic Dems will have roughly 3 MORE MONTHS to wreck the country, wreck Trump and get so deep into World War III, it won't matter who's sitting in Dark Brandon's chair.
Remember when the "terrorists" used to be ISIS and the Taliban? Never forget that your own government tried to kill you off like a pest eating their corn. Tune your apocalypse dial to Preparedness.news for updates on real news about surviving and thriving beyond what is coming this way.
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