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    About Paul supporters joining with Huckabee supporters in WV

    The idea that somehow Ron Paul supporters at the West Virginia GOP state convention decided to make a deal with the Mike Huckabee campaign on their own and without any guidance from the Ron Paul campaign is absurd.

    The Ron Paul campaign was most certainly in contact with the Ron Paul supporters at the GOP convention in West Vriginia.

    The supporters of Ron Paul and the Ron Paul campaign decided to join with the supporters of pro-amnesty John McCain and vote for pro-amnesty Mike Huckabee.

    I have heard so many times from Ron Paul supporters that they would never compromise their principles and that they would never vote for the lesser of two evils. Yet, at the time of a crucial vote in West Virginina, the Ron Paul campaign and Ron Paul supporters decided that their price for joining with the supporters of pro-amnesty John McCain to vote for pro-amnesty Mike Huckabee was three delegates. That's all it took to purchase the support of Ron Paul supporters for a pro-amnesty candidate, Mike Huckabee.

    Did the news of Mike Huckabee's win in West Virginia impact the results of races in states with closely contested races? It's possible. It has been speculated that the news of that win, which was broadcast throughout the afternoon of Super Tuesday voting, may have caused some voters to vote for Huckabee that had been undecided about whether a vote for Huckabee was a wasted vote. If Mitt Romney had won a few of the primaries that he lost, would it have caused him to stay in the reace? I don't know. It's possible.

    There is not going to be any brokered convention. John McCain is going to be the nominee. The claim that there is going to be a brokered convention should be given about as much credibility as spammed internet polls.

    It should have been clear to everyone that Mike Huckabee's most important purpose on Super Tuesday was to stop Mitt Romney in order to help his fellow pro-amnesty friend, John McCain. The only person that could realistically have stopped John McCain on Super Tuesday was Mitt Romney.

    In light of what happened in West Virginia, I find it curious that some Ron Paul supporters are actually telling Mitt Romney supporters that they should now support Ron Paul.

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    Paul is in the race to win. I thought it was a great move.

    Mitt was starting to grow on me a bit, but he gave up.


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