Accept Big Pharma’s LIES and Big Government’s NARRATIVE or face prison time, say insane cry-bully Leftists who claim to fight for “tolerance” and “equal treatment”

04/30/2024 // S.D. Wells // 2K Views

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Though the American "Left" goes off the deep end every day all over social media and national talk shows, the "Right" apparently has no right to call out the lies, misinformation and disinformation that's being spewed from the Left. It's a one-way street of fake news, fake genders, atheism, Satanism and straight-up, out-in-the-open censorship.We've seen this across all social media, including Fakebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google and you name it. Now that "X" (previously Twitter) is NOT run by insane communist Leftists, the no-gender death cult wants to imprison Elon Musk for NOT censoring the truth-tellers, when it comes to war, vaccinations, open borders, fake climate change agendas, human trafficking and all-out gender confusion.
Censor the Right, not the Left, declares every Leftist who demands "tolerance" and "equal rights" for transgenders, criminals and climate cultists

Without any science or logic to back up most of the massive claims made by the extreme liberals and Leftists, it's very hard for them to debate anything with conservatives or the "right" without looking like complete idiots and raving lunatics. This is why the Left, which controls most media, including social media, Google, YouTube, television, Hollywood, Disney and the newspapers, wants complete and unfounded censorship of everything the right has to say, print, or post.
There is NO tolerance when it comes to dismantling the hypocrisy, the lies, the scams, the fake science, political dogma and outright reverse racism that's being spread all over America.
The Left promotes the most violent protests in the world, including those run by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, where the participants destroy public and private property, set fires to vehicles and stores, loot stores and beat people – sometimes to death. But when conservatives so much as talk about election interference or stand near the Capital building, they are censored and jailed in a gulag in Washington, D.C.
When the vaccine zealots and mask-wearing freaks of the plandemic lie and claim that all the fully unvaccinated folks are the cause of the spread of the Fauci virus, that's perfectly fine to post across all social media and proclaim on every news channel. Yet there's no science behind these claims whatsoever.
Then, when the natural health advocates point out that science is proving the Wuhan Flu jabs are causing vascular clots, myocarditis and SADS (sudden adult death syndrome), this is all labeled as misinformation, disinformation and even domestic terrorism.
The Democrat Party is quickly becoming just like the Chinese Communist Party: Accept Big Pharma's lies and Big Government's narrative or face prison time

Not even comedy on television is allowed to make fun of President Joe Biden. Saturday Night Live used to make fun of presidents, no matter who they were, but once the communists took control of Washington D.C. (Obama and Biden), suddenly there is ZERO satire or criticism on comedy shows, the news, or even in the Sunday paper cartoon sections.
In Communist China, if you criticize the government's choices, or their narrative about war or disease, you go straight to jail. There's no freedom of religion, or speech, or press. No trial by jury. No parole in sight. Your organs get removed and sold on the black market.
Think now of the protesters who walked peacefully around or into the Capital on January 6th, got framed by violent police and the omni-present Federal Bureau of Investigation, and have lost an eye in prison, or been force-injected with deadly prions for Covid. This is torture of "political enemies," and the scare crows are being burned alive right in front of America, to set an "example" of what happens to anyone who crosses the CCP-led Biden Regime.
Do your own research and don’t use Google. Try the search engine Brave BETA and get more truth news and real information. Bookmark to your favorite websites for truth news about abortions, suicide and mental health horror stories that are being censored from mass media while you read this. #PoliceStateNarrative
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Accept Big Pharma’s LIES and Big Government’s NARRATIVE or face prison time, say insane cry-bully Leftists who claim to fight for “tolerance” and “equal treatment” –