ACLU has long provided political cover for far-left Antifa terrorists: Analysis

Sunday, March 12, 2023 by: JD Heyes
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(Natural News) The American Civil Liberties Union is a left-wing ‘legal’ organization that engages in countercultural activities aimed at tearing down traditional American values and societal norms, which helps explain why the group is so keen to protect and defend domestic terrorists who belong to Antifa.
Tyler O’Neil, the managing editor of The Daily Signal and the author of “Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center,” wrote an analysis of the ACLU this week and its relationship with Antifa after several members of the group were arrested on terrorism charges in connection with attacking an Atlanta police training center under construction just outside the city.
As O’Neil explained in the analysis:
The Georgia Bureau of Investigation charged a staff attorney at the Southern Poverty Law Center with domestic terrorism for his involvement Sunday in a violent attack on police officers at the construction site for a police training facility near Atlanta.
Although the SPLC claimed the attorney was a legal observer, the agitators were dressed in Antifa-style black bloc for the attack on the facility they call Cop City, and the SPLC has a long history of carrying water for Antifa rioters.
The SPLC that the attorney’s arrest “is not evidence of any crime, but of heavy-handed law enforcement intervention against protesters.”
The Atlanta Police Department, meanwhile, reported that agitators threw “rocks, bricks, Molotov cocktails, and fireworks at police,” destroying multiple pieces of construction equipment and threatening bodily harm. But the SPLC’s statement didn’t condemn the violence, instead directing criticism at “a months-long escalation of policing tactics against protesters and observers.”
The National Lawyers Guild, another fascistic left-wing group, issued a joint statement with the SPLC and identified the SPLC attorney and alleged terrorist as one of their legal observers. The group denounced all 23 arrests made on Sunday, out of 34 people detained, as “part of ongoing state repression and violence against environmental justice protesters.”
The police released footage that depicted over 100 rioters progressing toward the location of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.
The National Lawyers Guild affirmed that it “stands in solidarity with the movement to Stop Cop City,” while the SPLC called for the “de-escalation of violence and police use of force against Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities.” However, the SPLC did not mention the violence inflicted on police officers at the construction site, O’Neil noted.
“This move echoes a long pattern at the SPLC, which has become notorious for branding mainstream conservative and Christian organizations ‘hate groups,’ putting them on a map with chapters of the Ku Klux Klan yet keeping Antifa off its list and map despite its extremist, violent methods,” O’Neil’s analysis continued.
Amid a scandal involving racial discrimination and sexual harassment in 2019, Richard Cohen resigned as president of the SPLC but, in 2017, did explicitly denounce Antifa violence, though he defended the SPLC’s choice to exclude Antifa from its list of “hate groups.”
“We oppose these groups and what they’re trying to do. We just don’t think anyone should be able to censor someone else’s speech,” Cohen told the Washington Examiner at the time. He went on to warn that Antifa’s violent tactics are “likely to lead to other forms of retaliation.”
“In Berkeley, Antifa showed up and shut down speeches. The next time the white supremacists brought the Oath Keepers with them, they brought their own army,” Cohen added. Yet he insisted that the SPLC would not brand Antifa a “hate group” because its adherents don’t discriminate against people on the basis of race, sexual orientation, or other characteristics protected by anti-discrimination laws.
“There might be forms of hate out there that you may consider hateful, but it’s not the type of hate we follow,” Cohen said.
In short, as O’Neil points out, the ACLU is joined at the hip with Antifa for one simple reason: Both groups seek to destroy traditional American values, culture, and society.
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