After southern California school district decided to inform parents of LGBT students about their gender “transitions,” trans mob responds with DEATH threats

08/01/2023 // Ethan Huff // 1.8K Views

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Presidential wannabe Gavin Newsom, the current governor of California, is outraged that several public school districts in southern California are rejecting his LGBT extremism and siding instead with morality and respecting parental authority.
The Temecula School Board, for one, voted 3-2 recently to delay the implementation of Newsom's prescribed curriculum for elementary school students because it is highly sexual and extremely perverted. Newsom flipped out over the decision, calling the board members "extremists" and "demagogues who whitewash history, censor books, and perpetuate prejudice."
Newsom's verbal diatribe against the Temecula School Board was followed up with a threat to fine the district $1.5 million unless it agrees to sexualize elementary school students in accordance with his wishes, which begs the question: is Newsom a pedophile?
Then, not long after, the Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education implemented a policy requiring school officials to notify parents in writing within three days of finding out that a student wants to "identify" as some gender "other than the student's biological sex."
Examples of what the school district would have to notify parents about, even if a student objects to it, is the use of different gender pronouns, the use of a different name, or the desire to use the opposite gender restroom or join an opposite gender sports team.
That decision was made in an overwhelming 4-1 vote with member Donald Bridge being the lone dissenting vote.
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Love trumps hate, except when you anger LGBTs who want to dismember or kill you

The following morning after the decision was made, anonymous callers began harassing the board members, according to school board president Sonja Shaw.
"The next morning, our district got a phone call" from an anonymous person threatening "to kill me, and they said that they were going to dismember" Shaw's body as punishment, an official from the district revealed on "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins."
Prior to the interview, police officers alerted Shaw to the threat, which ended up being just one of many that flooded in after the school district decided that parents should know what their children are up to as far as LGBT preferences go.
Another anonymous thug threatened to slaughter Shaw's pets, which the thug identified by name, suggesting that he or she is some kind of stalker who is tracking Shaw's life and family.
California Attorney General Rob Bonta also sent a letter to the Chino Valley School District informing it in unveiled language that the Golden State fully plans to take action if the district follows through with adopting the policy to inform parents about their children's LGBT perversion.
According to Bonta, it is a violation of the student's "right to privacy" to inform parents about a desire to slice off body parts and use the wrong bathrooms while on campus.
"Keeping parents in the dark is the official state position," reported Red State about the fiasco. "If a school official, via a local school board, is required to inform a parent that their child has decided that she is not she, that is considered 'extreme' by California officials."
It would seem as though Newsom and the rest of California's far-left leadership are a bunch of child-grooming pedophiles who want all of the state's children to be indoctrinated into LGBT perversion and sexual deviancy. Newsom et al. apparently have a fetish for underage sexual perversion and want to force the state's schools to comply with churning out an entire generation of LGBT-damaged little ones who can then be taken advantage of and potentially trafficked.
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After southern California school district decided to inform parents of LGBT students about their gender “transitions,” trans mob responds with DEATH threats –