AI systems have “hallucinations” because they are trained and programmed by liberals who think a MAN can become a WOMAN

Tuesday, June 06, 2023 by: S.D. Wells
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(Natural News) Artificial intelligence systems, or “AI,” are producing completely unreliable “computations” due to several factors, including false inputs and politically-motivated irregularities that are purposely woven into the systems. Due to all of this, AI systems like ChatGPT are suffering from what is termed “hallucinations,” which are factually incorrect outputs, misinformation, disinformation and other problematic results that are totally unsupported by real-world data.
To make matters worse for AI, process supervision (inputs) and outcome “supervision” (final results) involves feedback based on humans with political and monetary motivations and bias, mainly extreme liberals (think Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Media, Big Government, Big Food, etc.).
That is why so many AI “results” are hallucinations where the system simply generates false information, creating nonexistent events or people and disinformation (purposeful misinformation) about important topics, like highly-exaggerated climate change and fake gender changes. Artificial intelligence systems are almost all now entirely programmed by liberals who have a very warped sense of reality when it comes to some of the most important aspects of living, including factual data and biology.
AI producing massive errors and misleading information for legal research used in court cases and for earnings reports used by companies and corporations

These AI hallucinations are getting serious. In recent incidents, lawyers have acknowledge RELYING on “chatbot” AI from ChatGPT as a research source. The information produced by the AI system turned out to be completely made up, with no factual basis whatsoever. Then, during a demonstration of how “great” AI systems are, Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot produced earnings reports with completely inaccurate figures for major companies, including Gap and Lululemon.
Talk about disinformation. Is this planned and pre-programmed, and then only admitted as “glitches” when those opposing it catch on? Is that what we’re seeing now to support the hoaxes of global warming, “safe and effective” vaccines and gender “fluidity,” where there’s no longer any reliance on real biology or science when identifying males versus females?
Can these issues with AI be “mitigated” and “cleansed” if they are purposely programmed in as inputs by lunatic liberals who think men and women are biologically no different and interchangeable? Men cannot have babies and do not menstruate. Women do not have testicles or produce sperm. Will AI produce “facts” that say differently? Will AI be relied upon as “science” and “evidence-based” for future medical, political and economic information, decisions and policy? If AI says 2 plus 2 is 5, does that make it so? If AI says a peaceful protestor is a domestic terrorist, will that person be put in prison for life? If AI says global warming is real and getting worse quickly, will everyone be income-taxed at 75 percent to pay to “save the world,” according to AI hallucinations?
Of course, Big Tech and the Communists running the country will say that everything their AI systems produce is “accurate and reliable,” including election results in their favor, information that says we need to attack Russia, and any generated information saying the southern border is “safe and secure” from invading illegal immigrants.
The demented Biden Regime likes AI because it can be used as a weapon of mass destruction, for depopulation and a way of censoring anything that counters the false-narratives of Big Media and Big Pharma.
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AI systems have “hallucinations” because they are trained and programmed by liberals who think a MAN can become a WOMAN –