FUNDING FAKE SCIENCE: American Medical Association wants U.S. taxpayers to pay for uterus transplants for FAKE WOMEN “trannies” at $300,000 per operation

08/24/2023 // S.D. Wells // 1.1K Views

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Internal cosmetic surgery is now "on the table" as the highly corrupt American Medical Association (AMA) is suggesting US taxpayers foot the bill for "Transgender Surgical Care" costing over a quarter million dollars per patient. This would involve surgeons wasting precious hours implanting a uterus into a biological man who will still obviously NOT be able to become pregnant or give birth.To be clear, a "Trans-woman" is a biological man who pretends to be a woman. Besides getting fake breasts, taking estrogen hormones, shaving his legs and wearing a wig and some makeup, now, thanks to the AMA, he might just go to the hospital for surgery to insert a uterus so he can further pretend to be a woman. No, it's not the million-dollar-man, or the bionic woman, … it's … wait for it… the million-dollar-tranny!
Science has no limits, declares the AMA clinicians, who are now obviously controlled by the gender fluid cult of insanity. To be "pro-science" these days means you are an anti-science, gay-bashing, racist bigot because you don't believe men can get pregnant and give birth.
To be "pro-science" means you don't believe in climate change, since there's no scientific proof the world is getting hotter. And to be pro-science means you don't believe in "vaccines" because vaccines are not based on "safe" or "effective" results from clinical trials anymore. Now, the AMA is literally anti-science, supporting ultra-expensive, useless surgeries for men who want to pretend they are women, so if doctors and surgeons don't "fall in line," they may just be losing their medical license, forevermore.

Inserting a uterus in a man is not an "ethical" consideration as the AMA would have us all believe

The Journal of Ethics says medicine should consider doing useless, massively expensive operations just to make trannies happy, for ethics, equality, and even political purposes. Is the American Medical Association a political activist organization now? Do they support science fiction, or science? They are stating that men who want to pretend they can have babies should be able to get a $300,000 operation that serves NO PURPOSE other than to help them pretend and avoid a little "psychological dissonance."
Meanwhile, people are dying from horrific cancer tumors caused by the Covid clot shots and need surgery to survive. But soon they will be waiting in line behind a guy in high heels and makeup who wants surgery so he can enhance his libido. According to the new tranny cult leaders at the AMA, trans women who want to give birth can “plausibly justify” a uterus transplant subsidy up to $300,000.
Giving birth is not just about the uterus, anyway. There is much more involved in order to birth a living, healthy child. This is not the Island of Dr. Moreau. These surgeons want to play God while they bankroll off of useless surgeries. Are they even considering the long-term detriment of improper hormone production and balance? What about ovaries, fallopian tubes, nursing a child, etc.? Is the AMA doing hysterectomies also for biological men so they can pretend more "science?" This is pure insanity.
Tune your internet dial to for updates on the AMA pretending that men can give birth and doing useless $300,000 operations to support tranny mood swings. If America is the greatest country on earth, it sure is going down the tube faster than a tranny in high heels flushing a tampon he didn’t need after getting his fake period and a definitive "no" on his pregnancy test.
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FUNDING FAKE SCIENCE: American Medical Association wants U.S. taxpayers to pay for uterus transplants for FAKE WOMEN “trannies” at $300,000 per operation –