America now on verge of REVOLUTION sparked by lawless, angry Democrats committed to DESTROYING the country to stay in power, warns Victor Davis Hanson

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The liberalism of the 1960s looks nothing like the liberalism, or far-leftism, of today. And historian Victor Davis Hanson discussed the differences with Tucker Carlson the other day on his new X (formerly Twitter) show called "Tucker on X."
In Hanson's view, modern-day liberalism is characterized by rampant dishonesty, perversion, and corruption. Today's liberals claim they simply want to "protect American democracy" with "compassion" and "decency," but the truth is that they are actually trying to end the democratic process and bring about their own "tolerant" dictatorship.
"It's hard for most Americans to comprehend the total dishonesty of American liberalism," Hanson told Carlson. "Liberals are now telling us they plan to protect American democracy and that's the clearest possible sign that they intend to end it."
President Donald Trump is especially threatening to the left because his agenda veers way too far from theirs, especially as it pertains to the upholding of traditional American values.
"I think they've come to the conclusion that Trump is an existential threat, and by association half the country is to their vision of what they want to transform us into, and so they feel that whatever means necessary are justified," Hanson said.
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Which "side" will ultimately win the cultural, economic, and political wars?

Many Republicans are likewise falling into the trap of liberalism by refusing to fight for what is right, including against stolen elections, because they are more concerned with saving face and losing "nobly."

They are much more concerned about their outward appearance and decorum than with protecting the republic they claim to support and represent. As a result, the Democrats are walking all over them and the country at large.
All of the traditional boundaries and norms that made America special in the first place are being tossed aside and replaced with every form of wickedness imaginable to corrupted mankind.
"We're in the middle of a cultural, economic, political revolution," Hanson maintains. "We think that we're still playing within the same guidelines or parameters, and we're not. Everything's under negotiation."
Everything the system is doing to Trump right now is politically motivated and biased, in Hanson's opinion. The legal actions being taken against him are one current example, and the message to Americans is: We will do this to you, too, if you refuse to bow down to our dictates.
"The idea is now that we have the power to do this, and because we have the power to do it, it's moral and right, and if you don't like it, what are you going to do about it?" Hanson explained.
For those who are into such things, Hanson has issued a call to action, particularly with the coming 2024 election that will almost certainly be stolen unless a formidable fight is levied.
"There are legitimate efforts to rectify and stop this madness," he said. "Let's see what happens in 2024."
"You need leaders who will tell people we are in a Jacobin takeover of this country, and the old get along at any cost does not work. I hope everybody can keep their head because I think the next 12 to 18 months are going to be the most explosive in our history since the Great Depression."
The full interview between Carlson and Hanson can be watched below:

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Ep. 27 Donald Trump appeared in court today, but it wasnít a legal proceeding. It was a grotesque parody of the system our ancestors created. Victor Davis Hanson explains.

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America now on verge of REVOLUTION sparked by lawless, angry Democrats committed to DESTROYING the country to stay in power, warns Victor Davis Hanson Ė