(Natural News) Having a skin color other than white comes with some really cool perks if you live in the United States. For instance, one of the many benefits you’ll receive simply for being a “minority” high school student is an automatically higher test score on your SATs because of all of the “adversity” you’ve faced throughout your life.
This is the plan currently being hatched by the deranged libtards in charge of the Scholastic Aptitude Test, anyway, who now claim that “people of color” deserve a free boost on their SAT scores in order to make them “equal” with whites.
Using a newfangled “overall disadvantage level” scoring system, the heads of the SAT intend to roll out the red carpet for brown and black students by propelling them to the top percentiles. In other words, the darker you are, the higher your SAT score will be – and the whiter you are, well, just go to the back of the bus.
It’s about as regressively racist as you can get, but this is what’s passing for “liberalism” in 2019: The idea that the color of one’s skin is an accurate indicator of “privilege” and status. According to Leftists, it’s impossible to ever suffer any disadvantage in life if you’re white, because being white automatically means that you’re rich and successful, presumably on the backs of brown and black people.
Conversely, being brown or black automatically means that you’ve been forced to pick cotton your whole life while being whipped by white plantation owners – and you’re also automatically dumb, in the eyes of liberals, which means you need to be issued fake test scores in order to keep up with the much smarter whites.
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All white people need to start identifying as “people of color” on official forms in order to gain access to the many special rights and privileges being granted to non-whites
The good news is that, in this age of anything goes, I’m whatever I choose to be insanity, white people can easily overcome this type of institutionalized, anti-white racism simply by “self-identifying” as “people of color.”
As pointed out by Christian Schneider, a senior reporter at The College Fix, white high school students are sure to recognize that they’re being flagrantly discriminated against by this new SAT scoring system. This will invite them to fight back by checking whatever boxes are necessary on their SAT forms to grant them access to the same special rights and privileges being afforded to their non-white counterparts.
“Clearly, lying about one’s racial identity is wrong – but in a country where racial makeup is growing more complex and college admittance is as competitive as ever, students can hardly be blamed for trying to give themselves a leg up,” Schneider writes, noting that students are already doing this type of thing on college application forms, recognizing that their chances of getting accepted will increase if they mark an ethnicity box other than “white.”
“Having evidently learned nothing, the College Board has opened up an entirely new avenue to fraud. The company says it will tack a new ‘adversity score’ on to the SAT test to factor in a student’s socioeconomic upbringing, which is simply a race-neutral way of granting an extra benefit to African-American and Hispanic students,” he adds.
While it’s certainly okay to be white, whites now need to fight fire with fire by self-identifying as “non-white” if they hope to survive this growing onslaught of institutional, anti-white racism that’s ravaging academia, mainstream media, business, and in many places, even the public square.

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