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Analyst explains what the EU project really is and compares it with Lenin’s Bolshevik Revolution

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By Voice of Europe 8 November 2018

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Polish analyst Krzysztof Karoń explains why pro-EU politicians are “removed from reality, and that they don’t listen and don’t understand the voices of their societies”.
According to Karoń all mechanisms within the EU are focused on “the abolition of sovereign states and the creation of a single European communist country”.
“European politicians are pursuing a conscious policy that is Thought-through and consequent. You could say: ‘painfully consequent’,” Karoń says.
“It is even more consequent, because European politicians not only don’t know how to, but also cannot act in a different way. Because if — in Europe since the signing of the treaty of Maastricht — there is a revolution that MUST be socialist,” he continues.
The analyst even compares the EU’s project with Lenin’s Bolshevik Revolution as the European revolution pushes the same socialist principles by using the same methods.
“This is the plan for uniting Europe. And the will to complete it was manifested by the leaders of the largest European countries.
“This is a plan repeating that presented in Lenin’s 1901 schema for the Bolshevik Revolution fought by a party of professional revolutionaries against the will of their societies,” Karoń says.

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