Angel Flight (Radio Tower Remix) - w/ Lyrics


Uploaded on Mar 15, 2011
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First music video I put together ... may be a bit buggy (sorry if it is ...)

Well, after a little bit of consideration, I figured I'd create a music video in Honor of our Heroes (and also because I don't see any Radio Tower Remix music videos on Youtube). All the pictures used were ones that I placed in a specific order, in order of emphasis on particular lines of the lyrics. (**Note: The color of the text has no such effect/emphasis on the song - I just used different colors so it would be easier to see on different pictures)

A little bit of history behind Angel Flights:
If you did not figure out via pictures already, Angel Flights are the U.S. Air Force planes (C-130's) used to fly home our Fallen Soldiers. Angel Flight is also their call sign. In addition, Angel Flights have top priority in U.S. Airspace - as you saw the Towers say "number 1 for landing/takeoff" .... now of course, I know, there are other flights that have an even higher priority ... but in reference to other standard military flights, Angel Flights get number 1 priority.

"Heroes" - another term frequently used in the video is the term used to describe our Fallen Soldiers.

Here are some links to the actual Angel Flight vidoes: (Angel Flight) (Angel Flight Radio Tower Remix)

And, also a GREAT BIG thanks to Radney Foster for one of the most inspirational songs to me!!
Any comments, questions, suggestions - please fell free to post below.

*******PLEASE NOTE: I have been asked by multiple people for permission to reproduce this on YouTube; unfortunately at this time I am declining from this option. At this time this video will maintain a 0% copy/ 100% originality status - that means no uploading this to your YouTube channel. Albeit, you are free to share it with any and all around the web - just no reproducing it.