ANOTHER Analyst Warns: “There May Not Be An Election in 2024”

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Analyst Martin Armstrong has warned that there may not be an election in 2024 and that “the United States will not exist after 2032” due to massive societal upheaval and financial collapse.
Armstrong, who correctly predicted numerous events, including the 2008 financial collapse, made the remarks during an interview with Greg Hunter.
“The cheating in the midterm election next week is going to be so great that it is almost impossible to make a prediction,” Armstrong said.
“In a fair midterm election, the Republicans would win the House and the Senate.”

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"It's Not Looking Good" - Martin Armstrong Warns There May Not Be A 2024 Election
"It's Not Looking Good" - Martin Armstrong Warns There May Not Be A 2024 Election
"...The corruption is so bad, it’s crazy... Our computer is showing it’s going to be a rocket launch for volatility and civil unrest next year..."

9:31 PM · Nov 6, 2022

From USAWatchdog:

Armstrong, says, “It’s going to be tight, and the Republicans have a shot at taking the House. Technically, they should take the House and the Senate. I am just not sure. The corruption is so bad, it’s crazy. Pennsylvania sent out hundreds of thousands of ballots to people who are not documented or even American. I’ve gotten emails from people in Canada, they are getting mail-in ballots. They mailed them to Canada. . . .Where this ends up, who knows? It’s just so corrupt, it is over the top. It doesn’t matter who wins. Nobody is going to accept this thing, and that is the problem.”
Armstrong says the cheating is so in your face that President Trump may not even be able to run for President two years from now.
“We may not even have an election in 2024. It is not looking very good, and it’s probably because this election is not going to be accepted. When it is so over-the-top corrupt, what do you do for the next one? The United States will not exist after 2032,” Armstrong says.

Cont. from USAWatchdog:

After 2028 and 2029, we are going to have to redesign a government from scratch. America is being destroyed. Republics always end in absolute corruption. We just saw the same thing happen in Brazil. They staged a major effort to take Bolsonaro out. . . . This is a worldwide effort. They had to get rid of Trump. The other one who stood in their way is Bolsonaro. Then there is Putin (Russia) and Xi Jinping (China). I think you are going to have historians look back at this 50 years from now, and they will call this period ‘The Climate Change Wars’. . . .They are trying to take down as much oil energy capacity as possible.”
Armstrong is still seeing very strong signals on domestic violence everywhere. Armstrong explains, “Our computer is showing it’s going to be a rocket launch for volatility and civil unrest next year.”
Armstrong also contends there will be a major loss of confidence in government around the world. That means gold will start having big demand from big money. Armstrong also predicts, “The whole monetary system as we know it is collapsing. That was what the bond crisis in the UK was about.”

Watch the interview via Rumble:

He’s not the only one to predict it either…
“Better Than a 50/50 Chance We Don’t Have a Midterm Election…”

Greg Hunter (USA Watchdog) remains one of the best interviewers out there.
And he had another fantastic show recently that I wanted to share with you.
He had frequent contributor Bill Holter on his show who really shocked with what he had to say.

The entire interview is fascinating, but the biggest headline to me is Bill saying at this point with all the data he’s seeing, he thinks it’s MORE THAN a 50/50 chance that the elections do not happen in 3 weeks.
He doesn’t know why…
Could be any number of events they will use as the trigger, but he predicts a FF that will cause the elections to be postponed and ultimately canceled.
NOTE: I always have to explain this whenever we talk about False Flags…
A False Flag doesn’t mean the event didn’t happen.
The Gulf of Tonkin happened.
Pearl Harbor happened.
9/11 happened.
The bombing of Nordstream 2 happened.
But..did they happen for the reasons popularly publicized?
And by the groups most commonly blamed?
THAT is what makes them False Flags.
So will we have another one so big that the Midterms are called off?
Holter says so.
And it’s all tied in to the power structure and money structure in the world.

From USA Watchdog:

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter said in June it was “game over, they’re pulling the plug.” The Fed went on an aggressive interest rate raising policy and is still raising rates. Now, the economy is staggering. Holter explains, “For sure, we are already in a recession. We are now in the third quarter of negative growth. I think it is laughable that people put odds on whether or not we are going to go into a recession because it is obvious–we are already in a recession. Rates rising have absolutely frozen the real estate market. If you own a property, who is going to buy it? Rates have gone from 3.25% to more than 7%. I am on the record that once we saw a 3% yield on the 10-Year Treasury, you would start to see a tightness in credit. Now, we are over 4%. What few people are talking about is what has this already done to the derivatives market? . . . Think about how big the derivatives market is. Total credit worldwide is $350 trillion, but you have derivatives pushing $2 quadrillion. I have said this all along, derivatives will blow up. Warren Buffett has called them financial weapons of mass destruction. They are far bigger than central banks can fix.”

Holter goes on to say, “The real economy runs on credit. Everything you look at, everything you touch and everything you do every day has many uses of credit to get to the final product or situation. So, once credit freezes up, it’s completely game over. In a past interview, I said they are pulling the plug. They have to pull the plug because, mathematically, the debt cannot be paid. The derivatives cannot perform. So, they have to pull the plug. They also have to do one other thing, and that is they have to kick the table over. What will the false flag event be? I have no idea. . . . They have to kick the table over so they can say our policies were working, but whatever this event will be stopped them.”
Holter thinks the odds of having the midterm election is “less than even.” The Democrats are so far behind because of their disastrous economy.
Holter says, “If you think the inflation over the last two years is bad, just wait. Along with that, you are going to have a huge wave that will last many years, but the initial destruction will probably happen in a three-day period of time. . . .You are going to see massive deflation, deflation of asset prices. . . . It will be inflation of the things you need and deflation of the things you have.”
Holter says, “From a math standpoint, the situation is so bad, liquidity is so tight . . . the whole shithouse is about to come down, and when it does, you will count your wealth in ounces and not dollars, yen or euros. . . . When all is said and done, it’s about how many ounces do you own.”
In closing, Holter warns, “The action you are seeing now is exactly what you saw in 1987, and this is what you saw in August and September of 1929. This is what happens prior to crashes. It’s massive volatility both ways . . . people are losing both ways. The longs get stopped out on the downside, and the shorts get stopped out on the upside. Then, the whole floor gives way, and that’s where we are. We are right on the doorstep of a crash that will make 1987 and 1929 blush. . . . Many people are going to lose everything overnight.”
There is a lot more in the 39-minute interview.

Watch the interview safely right here on Rumble:

Interestingly, Holter isn’t the only person to talk about funny business happening with the upcoming election.
Here is Bill Gates predicting a Hung Election…
Tom McDonald’s Message To Bill Gates

A couple of days ago, Bill Gates “predicted” (read: “is planning”?) a Civil War and Hung Election.
In case you missed that, take a look:
In addition to being a so-called ‘vaccine expert,’ Gates apparently knows the ins and outs of American politics.

Gates made ominous political predictions during the keynote conversation at this year’s Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy.
He predicted America would see civil war.
How would Bill Gates know?
“I admit that political polarization may bring it all to an end, we’re going to have a hung election and a civil war,” he said.
“I have no expertise in that. I’m not going to divert my money to that because I wouldn’t know how to spend it,” he added.
Gates mentioned political polarization goes hand-in-hand with another issue: the spread of misinformation.

Chuck Callesto

BREAKING REPORT: Bill Gates Predicts a HUNG ELECTION and Civil War....

2:36 PM · Sep 30, 2022

Bernie's Tweets

BILL GATES - A prediction or a plan? And is he already funding it?"Political polarization may bring it all to an end, we're going to have a hung election and a civil war,"

4:28 AM · Oct 1, 2022

Luke Rudkowski

What do you think about Bill Gates predicting a civil war in the U.S?
Bill Gates: Political polarization 'may bring it all to an end'
Bill Gates, who has been the subject of many conspiracy theories over the years involving vaccines, added that misinformation is also an issue.

7:31 PM · Sep 26, 2022

From Forbes:
Still, he’s open to ideas: “People seek simple solutions [and] the truth is kind of boring sometimes. Anybody who’s got good innovations on reducing polarization, getting the truth to be as interesting as the crazy stuff, that would be well worth investing in.”
Business Insider noted:
Gates’ summer reading list for this year, which he announced in June, includes “Why We’re Polarized” by Ezra Klein.
“I’m generally optimistic about the future, but one thing that dampens my outlook a bit is the increasing polarization in America, especially when it comes to politics,” Gates wrote at the time in a blog post about his book picks.
Gates also addressed mistrust in him during the conversation.
“The polarization and lack of trust is a problem,” Gates said.
“One of the best-selling books last year was a book by Robert Kennedy, saying that I like to make money and kill millions of people with vaccines. It’s wild that [that] sells well.”

There is no “solution for misinformation and conspiracy theories,” argued Gates while lamenting how “people approach him on the street to yell at him and accuse him of tracking people with microchips.”
COVID-related conspiracy theories appear to be dying down, he added.
“I have a group that tracks what’s on the web that’s talking about things that connect to me,” Gates said.
“Overwhelmingly during the pandemic, 95% was all the conspiracy theory stuff. It is calming down now.”
And now a guy named Tom McDonald is going viral for his “response” to Bill Gates.
It’s great, take a look:

Salty IrishGirl

Tom McDonald's Message To Bill Gates, in regards to Bill Gates "Civil War Prediction"

Watch on Twitter

6:11 PM · Oct 2, 2022

Backup here:

undisputed champ

A message to bill gates

Watch on Twitter

3:30 PM · Oct 2, 2022

And a backup on Rumble if needed:
Well said Tom!
We need more of this kind of blunt, raw feedback in America.
More critical thinking.
More toughness.
More pushback against these maniacal billionaires who think they can tell us how to live our lives!
Speaking of “maniacal” and Bill Gates, did you see this?
Creepy Bill Gates Posts Strange Video Promoting Genetically Modified Corn

Bill Gates is perhaps the creepiest person on the planet.
The latest diabolical scheme the billionaire globalist has his hands in is genetically modified corn.

Gates published a bizarre video promoting his corn.
Gates is featured in the video lip-singing song lyrics sung by a child as he stands in a kitchen wearing t-shirt emblazoned with, “Ask me about corn.”
“It’s corn!” Gates says, as he takes a large bite out of a corn ear.
“It has the juice!”
The video also shows a picture of Gates as a child holding a corncob in a corn field.
Corn “accounts for 30% of the food consumed in Africa. But it is at risk. African crop researchers are creating a new, more resilient type of corn,” the caption on the video states.
It’s likely at risk because of Gates’s experiments to create Frankenfood.
Can’t he just leave Mother Nature and natural food alone?

(1933) It has the juice — and it’s at risk - YouTube

In reality, this is another attempt by Gates to push Great Reset agenda on the public.
Gates and his globalist allies want you to eat genetically modified food to fight ‘climate change.’
The sixth annual Goalkeepers Report, published by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on Sept. 12, highlights how two of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, food security and gender equality, are being achieved.
The report talks about what Gates calls “magic seeds,” crops including corn and rice that have been genetically modified to resist hotter, drier climates, as a remedy to alleviate world hunger.
From the Goalkeepers Report:
Of course, the seeds weren’t actually magic, but by breeding select varieties of the crop, the researchers believed they could produce a hybrid maize that would be more resistant to hotter, drier climates. They succeeded wildly.

The Daily Mail reported:

Gates points in particular to a breakthrough he calls ‘magic seeds’ – including maize that has been bred to be more resistant to hotter, drier climates, and rice that requires three fewer weeks in the field.
These innovations will allow agricultural productivity to increase despite the changing climate, he argues.
However, he claims that the research and development budget for new innovations like magic seeds is still much too small compared to spending on food aid.
‘It’s good that people want to prevent their fellow human beings from starving when conflicts like Ukraine interrupt the food supply, but we also have to recognise that those crises are symptoms of a deeper problem,’ Gates says in the report.
‘Many countries don’t grow enough yet, and climate change is making farming even harder. That challenge can’t be solved with donations. It requires innovation.’
“The seeds were first developed under a program of the African Agricultural Technology Foundation, to which the Gates Foundation has given $131 million since 2008,” the outlet added.
“Since then, the foundation has spent $1.5 billion on grants focused on agriculture in Africa, according to Candid, a nonprofit that researches philanthropic giving.”
As WeLoveTrump previously noted, Bill Gates is the largest owner of American farmland.

Bill Gates Is Now America’s Biggest Owner Of Farmland
This is a little scary once you think about it. Bill Gates is now the largest owner of farmland in the United States with over 210,000 acres. His farmland portfolio extends across 18 states and has many people wondering why he has purchased all this land? More than likely he will continue to do research … Continue readingBill Gates Is Now America’s Biggest Owner Of Farmland

We Love Trump

By acquiring more farmland than anyone else in America, Gates can dictate our food supply by what’s grown on farms.

And that likely means his Frankencorn.
Here’s more from this freak…

Bill Gates Fascinated With Child Death: “Why Does a Child Die?”

You’ve heard of UltraMAGA…
Well, this is UltraCREEPY.
And of course it features Bill Gates.
You know, the “computer guy” who has no scientific or medical training of any kind, and yet he has appointed himself as Chief Czar of Vaccines and “Health” for the world.
Give me a break!
But he’s at it again, releasing a SUPER creepy 2 minute video explaining why children die.
Ummm, why do children die?
Gee, I don’t know Bill, a whole hell of a lot of them die in the womb thanks to the abortion mill your father ran at Planned Parenthood.
You did know that, right?
You knew Bill Gates Sr. ran Planned Parenthood?
You do know Bill Gates (Jr) isn’t just some geeky kid who started Microsoft in his garage, right?
It was all planned.
All orchestrated.
Bill Gates knows about as much about computers as he does real medicine!
I’m not sure about the Rothschild connection, but his father did run Planned Parenthood:

Denis Coghlan

Bill Gates wife is a Rothschild and related to the chief protagonist of Eugenics Margaret SangerHe's also the highest donor to the WHO & exerts undue influence on population control policyHis third worldwide vaccination by Mosquito program is imminentZIKA VIRUS - mRNA again

2:02 AM · May 3, 2022


Bill Gates is just following in the footsteps of his father and Margaret Sanger. No matter what agenda they call it, Birth Control, Eugenics, The Vaccine, that is not a vaccine, or in bed with GMO farming, He don't care what it takes to end your life. #Doyourresearch

3:31 PM · Apr 19, 2021

Macroaggressions Podcast with Charlie Robinson

PP was founded by Margaret Sanger, an unapologetic racist that wanted to take care of the "negro problem".It was later run by Bill Gates Sr. because he is a eugenicist just like his son.Planned Parenthood is a depopulation outfit and always has been. They want you dead.

Planned Parenthood

Replying to

These barriers are amplified for trans folks who are Black, Latinx, Indigenous, living with low incomes, or in a rural area — because of systemic racism and discrimination. For many, abortion access has been a right in name only.

1:48 PM · Jun 19, 2022

So, is it true?
Well, luckily we have Snopes to tell us the answer:

And as they always do, they add in one extra little question into the fact check so that they can deem the whole thing “False” just because their added question was False.

They play this same game almost every time.
So here’s their “Fact check”:

So…big giant “Mostly False” is easy to see, right?
If you glanced at this you’d think it was “Mostly False” that Bill Gates Sr. ran Planned Parenthood.
But that’s not what it says at all.
In fact, even Snopes admits that part is true.
The “False” part is what they added, about Gates supporting “eugenics”, which is a wildly subjective concept that they’ve defined in their own way and offered almost no support for their conclusion.
So is this an honest fact-check?
I’ll let you decide.
I would think it should be: Did Bill Gates Sr. run Planned Parenthood? And that should be a big giant green: “True”.
The internet seems to think Gates Sr. was a clear eugenist:

Kristy Bayley

Bills dad was a eugenist with Planned parenthood, Gates foundations name was originally the department for population control, he bought Fauci decades ago. It’s a pretty small club of eugenist technocrats once you research. He’s part of the group that controls everything.

7:47 AM · Sep 18, 2022

Tom Souther
Follow…The rhetoric falls flat because Dimms are the recipients of millions in dark $ from George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates & Michael Bloomberg funding dark money groups such as pro-abortion Planned Parenthood, EMILY’s List, ACLU & others that attack pro-lifers
Lame duck Speaker Egolf demands NM vote Dem in doom and gloom op-ed
In an op-ed published in The Hill Saturday, far-left lame duck New Mexico House Speaker Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) and Michigan House

10:32 AM · Sep 19, 2022

Peter Willenhag

Bill Gates's father, Bill Gates Sr. (pictured), was on the board of Planned Parenthood. These philanthropists planned the ongoing global genocide for a long time.

4:03 AM · Sep 18, 2022

So now with that background and understanding his CREEPY family tree with close ties to Planned Parenthood….now I give you Bill Gates talking about children dying.
How charming.
The solution?
MORE VACCINES, of course!
Watch here if you can stomach it:

(1933) Why do children die? - YouTube

Of course, YouTube had to shut comments off because otherwise it would be too obvious what the public really thinks of all this…
Nope, nope, nope…have to silence the plebs!

And if you want more, let’s go deeper…
EXPOSED: Was The Gates Foundation Originally Called The Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control?

We investigate!
I love doing these investigations of popular topics going viral.
You know, a “fact check”…except we actually do it honestly and legitimately.
So, was the Gates Foundation originally called The Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control?
A wild claim if true.
So is it true?
Well, perhaps parts.
Let me break it all down for you — and the fact that even parts appear to be true is extremely disturbing, don’t you think?

Here’s a video that has gone viral and started the discussion:


Q. What was the original name of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?A. Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control.

Watch on Twitter

10:42 PM · Mar 25, 2022

Similar posts here:


Before it was called the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation it was called something else - share this far and wide:

Watch on Twitter

7:42 PM · Aug 19, 2022

And here:

Julius Caesar

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation use to be called “Institute for Population Control”

Watch on Twitter

6:33 AM · Aug 21, 2022

Some are saying the video is fake…
Others say the lady just “misspoke”.
I’ll let you decide.
But now let’s look deeper.
Let’s just do something very basic, and something you can reproduce on your own — at least until Google sees this and changes their search results on this (which I have almost no doubt will happen).
But here are the TOP TWO results you get in Google when you search for “institute for population control”.
Notice I didn’t search for anything related to Gates or his foundation.
But Google is confident enough to give me two Gates Institute links right at the top of the search results:

I’m not saying that’s proof, I’m just saying you can file that under “things that make you go hmmmmm”.
Here’s what does appear to be true, beyond any doubt: Bill Gates does operate a foundation named: The Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health.
That does not appear to be in dispute.
From The Gates Foundation itself:

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today announced a $40 million commitment to the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health to build capacity for population and reproductive health programs in the developing world, where unintended pregnancies and unsafe childbearing are a major cause of illness and death.
The grant will significantly increase funding for the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health, which trains leaders of reproductive health programs in developing countries; conducts reproductive health research, and transfers program technology, models, and practices.
There is an urgent need to improve reproductive health services in the developing world. It is estimated that 120 million women who want and need access to family planning services don’t have it. Every year, there are approximately 66 million unwanted pregnancies and 20 million unsafe abortions, the majority of which are in developing countries.

“We are tremendously grateful to the Gates Foundation,” said Alfred Sommer, M.D., MHS, dean of the School of Public Health. “The foundation’s vision and generosity will enable the Institute to continue the next phase of its important work of training and strengthening the reproductive health leadership of the developing world,” added Dr. Sommer.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health was established at the School of Public Health in 1999 with a $20 million grant from the Gates Foundation, following a successful pilot grant awarded to the School in 1997. Since its launch, the Institute has actively pursued its primary mission of developing and strengthening the capacity of individuals and institutions in the developing world to address their most pressing and overarching problems related to population, family planning, and reproductive health.
“Improving reproductive health services in developing countries could save millions of lives, but it requires stronger in-country human and institutional capacity,” said Helene Gayle, M.D., M.P.H., former Director of HIV, TB, and Reproductive Health for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “We’re delighted to be able to help continue and expand the Institute’s pioneering work.”
Every publication I could find from that organization talks about supporting “population health” but never explains what they means by that.
For someone who has said before that he wants population reduction, then it appears “population health” may be just the latest buzz phrase they are using.
Remind you of anything?
Like a certain (now demolished) Georgia Monument that published the Satanic 10 Commandments with #1 being to “maintain humanity at 500 million people and below”?

Georgia Guidestones Exposed: “Maintain Humanity Under 500 Million People”
Have you heard of the Georgia Guidestones? A majority of Americans still have no idea of its existence. Do you know what they mean? Are the Georgia Guidestones a harmless roadside attraction with a “philosophical message” or did its secretive creators intend something more ominous? Some call these Guidestones the 10 commandments of Satan. … Continue readingGeorgia Guidestones Exposed: “Maintain Humanity Under 500 Million People”

We Love Trump

Ok now I get it: “population health” — right, sure Bill, thanks for that!
If that’s what you want, can we start with you?
You first and then we will re-evaluate the plan, ok?
As always, the final piece of my authentic fact-check is usually to see what the MSM “fact-checkers” have said.
Usually tells us just about all we need to know.
Their normal plan of operation is to find one small detail to focus on, claim that is not true, and then discredit the entire story as a result.
I wonder if they will use that same little trick here?
Let’s go to Reuters and find out.
Sure enough!
Here’s their headline: False claim: Gates Foundation has a “Center for Global Human Population Reduction” sign
How interesting!
Let’s read what Reuters posted:
A false claim on social media says the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has a sign reading “Center for Global Human Population Reduction” on its building exterior. The image circulating online has been digitally altered to include the words “Center for Global Human Population Reduction” on the Foundation’s building façade. In reality, this sign reads, “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation”.
Examples of the manipulated photograph can be seen here and here .
Photographs of the actual Foundation’s exterior can be seen on Google maps ( ) and in news reports about the Foundation (examples here and here ).
The Gates Foundation confirmed to Reuters via email that the image in this claim was fake.

Amidst the new coronavirus outbreak, the Reuters Fact Check team has debunked multiple false claims circulating on social media about Bill Gates, visible here , here, and here .
False. The words “Center for Global Human Population Reduction” have been photoshopped to the Foundation’s exterior.
Ah, ok then!

So they’ve determined that a picture of a sign was Photoshopped and that no such sign ever existed, leaving the reader to assume the entire story is bogus.
But is it?
I’ve presented the evidence, you decide!
Oh and speaking of Bill Gates, maybe we need to investigate this next:

Liz Churchill ™
Aug 21, 2022


How TF did we go from Bill Gates starting a ‘Global Population Control Foundation’…to him being in charge of everyone’s Global Health…?


BC he was chosen long ago and comes from a history of eugenist parents, IMO. His past is quite disturbing. Allegedly him with FunVax . Foundation was allegedly called the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control.

Watch on Twitter

7:36 PM · Aug 21, 2022 from Severn, Ontario


ANOTHER Analyst Warns: "There May Not Be An Election in 2024" (