Another company leaves anti-gun Colorado

Posted by Bob Owens on November 28, 2013 at 8:30 am

Maverick Ammunition, which apparently does the gun show circuit selling ammunition as Ammo Kan, is bolting Littleton, Colorado, as a result of laws recently rammed through by anti-gun Democrats. They are moving to Laramie, Wyoming, as another manufacturer has already done:
A second Colorado-based company is moving to Laramie.
Maverick Ammuniation, also known as Ammo Kan, announced Tuesday it will be moving from Littleton, Colo., to the Gem City.
Fort Collins, Colo.,-based HiViz Shooting Systems, which manufactures fiber optic sights and recoil pads for firearms, announced plans to move to Laramie last spring. Last week, the Laramie City Council approved a design contract with Groathouse Construction Inc. for the new HiViz headquarters at the Laramie River Business Park II.
Maverick Ammunition manufactures target-grade ammunition and ammunition for hunting. It also manufactures tactical-grade ammunition for use in law enforcement. The company’s product line includes well-known shooting sport brands such as Hornady, Nosler, Lake City and Berry’s, according to a statement released by Maverick Ammunition CEO Curt Perry.
The company is expected to employ more than 50 people. There will be full-time and part-time positions, ranging from entry-level manufacturing, to clerical and bookkeeping, to experienced warehouse and distribution managers, Perry wrote.

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