Another trial shows ivermectin provides HUGE benefits for health, with dramatic reductions in hospitalization

05/15/2024 // Ethan Huff // 950 Views

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The Jundishapur Journal of Health Sciences published a study the other day that once again demonstrates the incredible healing power of ivermectin.Researchers from Iran looked at the power of ivermectin to treat the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "pandemic," this after years of the FDA-approved drug being restricted from use in the United States and other Western nations.
(Related: It took the FDA more than three years to finally allow U.S. doctors to prescribe ivermectin to their patients – how many people needlessly died all those years as a result of that delay?)
Since there is no "proven" – at least as the government defines the word "proven" – cure for COVID, the researchers, which hail from several Iranian universities that include Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences and Islamic Azad University, decided to take a much closer look at ivermectin.
The team put together a double-blind, randomized clinical trial involving 110 patients who "tested positive" for moderate-to-severe (non-critical) COVID infection. Be aware, though, that the COVID so-called "virus" has still not yet been proven to exist as claimed.
Even so, whatever these 110 people were sick with responded well to treatment with ivermectin. Half of the patients, 55 of them, took 14 milligrams (mg) of ivermectin every 12 hours for three days while the other half took a placebo. At the end, all of the patients were evaluated.
The average age of the participants was 53.36 plus or minus 15.10 years. There were slightly more men, 62, than women, 48. The baseline characteristics of the two groups were similar.
All in all, the participants who took ivermectin as opposed to a placebo were much less likely to require hospitalization in the intensive care unit (ICU). Those participants who took ivermectin and still had to get hospitalized also saw fewer days in the ICU at an average of four days versus the six-day average in the placebo group.
"Ivermectin appears to be a potentially effective and safe medication for COVID-19 patients with moderate disease."
Iran is doing honest scientific research while the West lies

That this type of research is barely, if at all, taking place in the U.S. or any other Western country, but is instead coming out of Iran, the West's number-one enemy right now, cannot be overstated.
It is these Iranian researchers who are doing the Lord's work by looking into a cheap, safe and highly effective FDA-approved drug that works and is easily made. The West, meanwhile, is filled with the types of people who are more interested in becoming rich off the next "blockbuster" pharmaceutical than with actually helping people.
In the "Background" section of their study, the Iranian researchers expressed concern about the 3,840,223 people who as of June 18, 2021, had lost their lives from whatever COVID is – and needlessly so since ivermectin and other remedies are out there; they're just not promoted or allowed.
Hopefully the researchers come to the realization that the so-called "vaccines" are not an option either, though, as the study also claims that the jabs "have substantially reduced morbidity and mortality rates and instilled hope for disease control."
"Although vaccination has had a significant impact on controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, certain populations, such as older adults and immunosuppressed individuals, still benefit from treatment for this viral infection, especially if they have been vaccinated," the study also admits.
Ask your doctor if ivermectin is right for you

Not to sound too much like a sales pitch, which this is not meant to be, it might be worth your while depending on your age, health status or other lifestyle factor to ask your doctor if he or she would be willing to prescribe you ivermectin in the event that you get sick from something resembling COVID. If not, it might be time to switch doctors.
Prescribing ivermectin does not make the drug industry money, nor will it afford your doctor any lavish kickbacks. It is a low-profit generic drug that is manufactured generically by a variety of generic drug manufacturers in places like India where it is sold for the equivalent of pennies. If you doctor is willing to prescribe it to you, more than likely you have a good, honest doctor who cares about you more than the paycheck and the accolades.
"I de-parasite regularly," one of our own readers, who says her husband was a PhD microbiologist, wrote about her experience taking ivermectin. She also shared a website (check the comments) that offers it shipped from India (this is for educational purposes only and is not health advice).
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Another trial shows ivermectin provides HUGE benefits for health, with dramatic reductions in hospitalization –