Antifa terror cell arrested, found with BOMBS… while Bloomberg News headline calls for climate terrorists to carry out “property destruction” nationwide

Monday, December 19, 2022 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) Last week, five members of an Antifa terror cell were arrested in Atlanta, where law enforcement reportedly found “bombs, flares and gasoline,” reports the UK Daily Mail. The Antifa terror cell was reportedly throwing gas bombs at vehicles while also carrying out acts of arson and “attacks on locals and government officials.”
Over the weekend, this author received intel chatter — unconfirmed but worth paying attention — about radical left-wing terrorists planning on carrying out acts of sabotage during the Christmas week deep freeze that’s about to hit much of North America. Acts of sabotage against domestic power infrastructure are multiplied in their chaos effects by sub-freezing weather which makes power loss extremely dangerous for a variety of reasons.
It also makes emergency responses and power infrastructure repair activities more risky and difficult to complete. Thus, left-wing terrorists taking out electrical substations during extreme cold weather events is a kind of asymmetrical warfare carried out by those who wish to achieve maximum carnage and loss of (civilian) life.
Antifa and eco-Marxists routinely resort to domestic terrorism and act of sabotage

Left-wing Antifa types have a long history of sabotage acts against rail lines, bridges and other critical infrastructure. (See for some of the coverage.) But in the coming week, there’s another factor at play that may be part of the domestic terrorism planning of certain Antifa cells: Many Antifa supporters are Luciferians / Satanists, and if they can take down the power grid on or around Christmas Day, they will literally achieve the snuffing out of lights on the day of Christ. This would be an “extra credit” type of terrorism activity for those who are also satanists and who therefore despise both Christ and a functioning human civilization.
For this reason, we are issuing a cautionary alert for all Americans to be prepared to endure deliberate acts of infrastructure sabotage carried out by left-wing terrorists.
Over the last few weeks, sabotage of the power grid infrastructure has taken place in both North Carolina and Oregon. While the left-wing media immediately leaped to the false conclusion that anti-LGBT activists might have been involved, there hasn’t been a shred of credible evidence presented to support such a claim. Generally speaking, conservatives don’t sabotage infrastructure for the simple reason that conservatives are often business owners, managers and workers who have jobs and therefore need the infrastructure to function. In contrast, radical left-wing activists are usually jobless communists and own nothing. They see the functioning of the system as a threat to their communist / satanist philosophy, and they have no skin in the game of keeping society running.
The vast majority of infrastructure terrorism events over the last six years or so are traced back to Antifa leftists and eco-fascists, in fact. For example, see these stories covering such events: Antifa Extremists Blockade Major Passenger Railway Line, Force Toronto Cancellations.
The Gateway Pundit: FLASHBACK: ANTIFA TERRORISTS Sabotaged Train in Olympia 3 WEEKS AGO – Today Train Wreck Kills 6.
Another TGP article: Panicked ANTIFA Website Deletes Article About Sabotaging Train Tracks in Olympia After Derailment — Read It Here.
From NaturalNews: Undercover video shows Antifa revolutionaries plotting “complete abolition” of system
Note that the Antifa terror cell uncovered by Project Veritas in the NN article above is located in North Carolina, the same location where the power grid was recently sabotaged (which the media falsely blamed on right-wingers). From NaturalNews:
Members of the Redneck Revolt believe themselves to be armed revolutionaries from the working class who share the same communist, anarchist vision for America’s future. In their view, the working class should be in charge of a country with no government.
“And they believe in total abolition of everything, including the police,” the undercover journalist added.
Redneck Revolt is also opposed to capitalism and wealth in general, and is seeking to raise up a “militant resistance” capable of bringing about total “revolution” throughout the United States.
What sets Redneck Revolt apart from other Antifa arms is that this group looks more like a militia, and even attends gun shows and other community events. Some of them may even look like “conservatives” if you were none the wiser as to their tactics and agenda.
Part of the Project Veritas investigation into Redneck Revolt also revealed that the group contributes to a far-left anarchist website known as “Going Down” that has conducted “armed anti-Trump demonstrations” in the past. On this website, one PDF document promotes an “armed struggle” while another is dubbed the “Mini-Manual Of The Urban Guerilla.”
This latter document contains pictures of left-wing militants “using RPGs and outlines tactics for guerilla warfare including sections on ‘sabotage,’ ‘kidnapping,’ ‘executions,’ ‘armed propaganda,’ and ‘terrorism.’”
Now, as you’ll see below, left-wing media publishers like Bloomberg appear to be all-in with Redneck Revolt’s tactics of domestic terrorism.
Bloomberg calls for domestic terrorism in the name of “climate change” – says “property destruction” is the answer

And now, Bloomberg News is calling for “sabotage and property destruction” to achieve some sort of twisted climate justice outcome by destroying things. In an article that has already been stealth edited to try to walk back the open threats of domestic terrorism, reports that climate activists must resort to property destruction. The original headline declared, “The Climate Movement Needs to Embrace Property Destruction,” claiming climate activists “must escalate their tactics.”
To terrorism, apparently:

Note that if a Trump supporter called for such things, they would be not just decried as terrorists; they would be immediately visited by FBI agents and possibly face DOJ charges for making terroristic threats. But when Bloomberg and left-wing climate activists call for violence, it is apparently acceptable to the FBI, DOJ, DHS and the entire left-wing media. It’s the media, after all, that’s publishing the direct, blatant call for domestic terrorism in the name of climate justice.
Professor Andreas Malm, featured in the Bloomberg-covered podcast, is a typical “eco-Marxist” and was the subject of a podcast (and a book) entitled How to Blow Up a Pipeline. He repeatedly calls for acts of domestic terrorism in the name of climate justice, and he recruits left-wing publishers to amplify his message of terrorism. For example, as’s Nolte explained in 2021:
Back in October, the New Yorker wrote a lengthy defense of Antifa, and now the New Yorker is looking to shift its cheerleading to eco-terrorism.
On Friday, the New Yorker hosted Andreas Malm, an environmental extremist who endorses domestic terrorism to save Mother Earth. He calls it “intelligent sabotage,” but it’s terrorism.
…Malm then moves on to openly call for property destruction, including “attacking construction equipment” and “blowing up a pipeline.”
As wrote in 2021, quoting professor Malm:
“Damage and destroy new CO2-emitting devices. Put them out of commission, pick them apart, demolish them, burn them, blow them up. Let the capitalists who keep on investing in the fire know that their properties will be trashed,” Malm wrote in his book that was promoted during the podcast.
Now, it seems, Bloomberg has joined the domestic terrorism, bandwagon and is openly calling for felony acts of property destruction in the name of climate activism.
Perhaps they should start by tearing down their own offices and saving society from their journo-terrorism.

Stephen L. Miller

For those keeping track at home, both the New Yorker and the New York Times are debating and soft endorsing terror acts against national pipelines in the name of climate.


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Antifa terror cell arrested, found with BOMBS… while Bloomberg News headline calls for climate terrorists to carry out “property destruction” nationwide –