Apple Inc. CEO, Tim Cook Criticizes Several Prominent Tech Giants For Invading Userís Privacy

Published by Henry Williams on June 3, 2015 at 10:53 am EST

Apple Inc. CEO, Tim Cook Criticizes Several Prominent Tech Giants For Invading Userís Privacy
Tim Cook emphasized on the fact that Apple does not use its customerís information for its own use

Apple Inc.ís (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO, Tim Cook has always been a staunch supporter of user privacy. In his recent speech at EPICís Champion of Freedom event, he openly bashed several rival companies for the way they manipulate userís data.Speaking to the crowd, Mr. Cook highlighted the fact that Apple has always given prime importance to protect userís privacy. He said that the company does not believe in the idea that users have to make a compromise between security and privacy. He said that customers have a right to their privacy, and Apple can, and will provide it to them.

He then started speaking about several prominent companies and the way they treat userís data. He said many prominent tech companies are collecting anything they can find about their customers. These companies hoard their userís private information, and then seek ways to make money out of it. Mr. Cook criticized this approach, and said that Apple does not want to support this kind of companies.

Although he did not specifically name any company, it was clear that he was speaking about tech giants such as Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), and Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) etc. These businesses are well known for tracking userís activities and collecting data, which is then used for advertisements.He further disapproved of many of the ďfreeĒ services, which are available at the cost of peopleís personal information. He said that customers may approve of these services, their privacy is much more valuable, and should not be sold off for advertising purposes. He strongly believes that one day; customers will realize it for themselves.

Appleís CEO also criticized governmentís attempts to have access into peopleís device. The government wants to have a back door access to their encrypted data. However, Mr. Cook said that such methods will weaken the security (data encryption) allowing other parties to use them, to hack into peopleís devices.He compared this to a scenario, where a person is hiding the key of his house under a doormat. Even though he only intends the government authorities to use the key, it will also be available to thieves as well.