Arizona GOP issues resolution declaring COVID-19 jabs “biological weapons” and calling for a ban

05/02/2024 // Cassie B. // 1.4K Views

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The Republican Party of Arizona has just passed a “ban the jab” resolution declaring COVID-19 vaccines to be “biological and technological weapons.” They are also calling on the governor to ban the shots and seize existing vials so a forensic analysis can be conducted on their contents. The resolution passed with 95.62% of the votes.The resolution points out that clinical data from vaccine maker Pfizer revealed 1,223 deaths, along with 158,000 adverse incidents, 42,000 adverse cases and roughly 1,000 side effects associated with the jabs, and many vaccinated individuals have suffered permanent disability, illness and even death as a result.
They add that “strong and credible evidence from Sweden exists that COVID mRNA shots alter human DNA, and government agencies, media and tech companies, and other corporations have committed enormous fraud by claiming COVID injections are safe and effective.”
The groundbreaking resolution was proposed by a prominent figure in the Arizona Republican Party, Dan Schultz, and not surprisingly, it has generated its fair share of controversy. Nevertheless, it is a strong sign of the growing skepticism when it comes to the efficacy and safety of these vaccines as we learn more about their makeup and their effects on the human body.
Proponents of the resolution are taking the same stance as the many Americans who refused to get the vaccines, pointing out that they have not been subjected to sufficient testing and there is no way of knowing what their long-term effects could be. However, we do know their short-term effects and they are enough to make many people want nothing to do with the jabs.
It is also telling that the resolution calls for the vaccine vials to undergo a forensic analysis to determine their contents. This move is likely a reaction to the fact that we now know Pfizer withheld information about the makeup of the jabs from authorities, including potential DNA contamination.
This is something that Health Canada sent numerous requests for clarification to Pfizer about after learning that they failed to disclose information about DNA sequences in their product. The Canadian drug regulator asked them to supply data regarding the size of the DNA fragments in the vaccine amid concerns about the possibility of genomic integration.
Florida Department of Health has also called for vaccine use to be halted

The resolution also cited the Florida Department of Health, which has called for the use of the vaccine to be discontinued. Earlier this year, Florida’s state surgeon general, Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo, sent a letter to the FDA commissioner and the director of the CDC expressing his reservations about nucleic acid contaminants in the mRNA vaccines that are currently available, especially when it comes to the previously undisclosed presence of Simian Virus 40 promoter/enhancer DNA, which poses a higher risk of DNA integration into human cells, and the presence of lipid nanoparticle complexes, which have the potential to deliver contaminant DNA into human cells. He vowed to continue assessing the research into the risks of the vaccines and keep the residents of his state updated.
So far, 10 republican county parties in Florida have passed similar resolutions declaring the vaccines biological and technological weapons and calling on their governor to ban the distribution of the jabs.
Not surprisingly, the mainstream media has not been covering this story and the overwhelming support it attracted among the party in Arizona. Pretending like the jabs are perfectly safe and failing to report on credible evidence to the contrary has been their modus operandi from the start, placing countless people at risk who got vaccinated without being fully informed of the potential side effects.
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Arizona GOP issues resolution declaring COVID-19 jabs “biological weapons” and calling for a ban –