Attention IRS: I am ObamaCare non-compliant and I don't really care

Published by: Dan Calabrese on Thursday January 2nd, 2014

Are you slugs gonna send this woman after me?

I just thought you might like a quick update now that we've passed the ObamaCare enrollment deadline. I told you back in September that my family and I were leaning toward remaining uninsured. Since then we've continued to look at options - at one point actually signing up for high-deductible insurance only to cancel it when the insurer tried to bill us a premium 50 percent higher than the one they quoted, insisting they never offered the very premium they quoted both via phone and online.

Don't do business with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. It doesn't pay to work with people who don't even know their own pricing structure and don't honor promises they make you.

So at this point, we are still considering our options. We might give some thought to a health care sharing ministry. We would still like high-deductible insurance paired with a Health Savings Account, but thanks to ObamaCare, the premiums on those are now a lot higher. We might pursue a different strategy entirely. Or we might do nothing at all.

What we will not do is rush the decision because of deadlines established by ObamaCare. We do not care about these deadlines. We will make a decision when we are ready and when the timing works for our family, not according to the timing that serves the interests of the federal government.

We are also entirely unconcerned about enrollment periods relating to subsidy eligibility. We're not going to qualify for a subsidy and frankly we wouldn't want one anyway - not so much as a matter of ideological principle but more because we prefer not to depend on any outside source to meet our needs. And even if that mattered to us, we would not rush our choice because of it.

The very idea of health insurance as it presently works in this country is absurd. Insurance is supposed to protect you against risk, not function as a hyper-bureaucratic monstrosity to pay for routine expenses people could and should pay for themselves. Health insurance would be a good value if all it did was protect against risk. As it stands today, health care is a terrible value. That was true even before ObamaCare. It is expontentially more true today.

(By the way, just to clarify once again, Herman Cain does provide health insurance to his employees and always has. I am an independent contractor by choice, so don't start with that nonsense.)

So let the IRS be advised. The Calabrese family is not in compliance and we will not be in compliance unless and until we darn well feel like it. Their only method of imposing a tax on us is to withhold it from any refund we may be owed, and since we have to pay every freaking year we're not really too concerned about it.

Oh, and if and when we do get health insurance, we'll get it directly from an insurer. Our time is much too valuable to waste on that ridiculous web site.

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