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    The audacity of apostasy: Barack Obama's Muslim links

    This story is not new, but should be reviewed in case people forget.

    The audacity of apostasy: Barack Obama's Muslim links
    So far the media have avoided drawing attention to Obama's Muslim past. But
    sooner the later the media will have to deal with this complication. If they
    don't - Hillary will

    The audacity of apostasy: Barack Obama's Muslim links

    Dr. Jack Wheeler

    One of the most entertaining opportunities that will emerge in 2007 will be
    using Barack Obama to fight Islamofascism. He is the product of a black
    Moslem from Kenya, Barrack Hussein Obama, and a white atheist from Kansas,
    Shirley Ann Dunham, who met at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu. That is
    why his middle name is the same as Saddam's: Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. His
    first name is taken from the Islamic term in Arabic for "blessed," baraka,
    used in the Koran.

    His father deserted the family when Barack Jr. was two and returned to
    Kenya. His mother then married another Moslem studying at UH, Lolo Soetoro
    from Indonesia. He moved with his mother and stepfather to Jakarta when he
    was six, where he attended a Moslem medressa (religious school). That makes
    him a Moslem. There is no mention of this in the chapter of his book, The
    Audacity of Hope, where he discusses his religion, My Spiritual Journey
    (reprinted in Time Magazine). Obama claims he is a Christian, that he and
    his wife Michelle are members of the United Church of Christ.

    The opportunity in this is not accusing him of being a "closet Moslem." It
    requires taking him at his word that he has become a Christian - for that
    means he is an apostate. There is no dispute among either ancient or modern
    Moslem scholars that under Islamic law, a murtadd, "one who turns his back
    on Islam," an apostate, must be put to death. Irtidad, apostasy, is
    committing treason against God, and traitors deserve to be killed.

    Should Obama deny he ever was a Moslem, it will compound the problem in the
    eyes of Moslems. He was born of a Moslem father, raised by a Moslem
    stepfather, and received his first education at a Moslem school. That he
    subsequently went to a Catholic school in Jakarta before living with his
    mother's parents back in Honolulu makes no difference. In the eyes of
    Moslems, he originally was a Moslem. How can he not be in those eyes, with a
    Koranic first name and his middle name that of the grandson of Mohammed? For
    him to become a Christian means he is, for them, a murtadd, an apostate.

    Which provides the perfect opportunity for an enterprising journalist to ask
    him at a press conference if he is: 1. Afraid of Moslem assassination
    attempts as punishment for being in Islamic eyes an apostate? 2. Willing to
    publicly call upon all Moslems around the world to renounce such punishment
    and declare instead that Moslems are fully free to convert to another

    The odds are high that he will answer no to the first and yes to the second.
    As an oily politician, he will try to squirm out of a clear definitive yes
    with no wiggle room. But it should not be difficult for a smart journalist
    to get him to agree without reservation that Article 18 of the Universal
    Declaration of Human Rights, which states...

    Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.
    This right includes freedom to change his religion or belief.

    ...applies to Muslims

    Once Obama condemns the Moslem tradition of death for apostasy, then he can
    be asked:

    The Koran famously quotes Allah as saying in chapter (sura) 2, verse 256
    that there should be 'no compulsion in religion.' Yet numerous sayings of
    Mohammed known as hadith which form the basis of Islamic Sharia law quote
    Mohammed as saying 'If a Moslem discards his religion, kill him.' So are you
    telling Moslems that Allah was right but Mohammed was misquoted, and their
    Sharia law tradition on apostasy is wrong?

    You can see how much fun there is to be had with this. Again, the key is
    taking Obama at his word that he is a Christian and not secretly a Moslem.
    No accusations necessary. The point is that Moslems view him as first a
    Moslem, not that he does. If done right with honest, straightforward, and
    persistent questioning Obama can serve as a quite useful anti-islamofascist

    Moslems will be infuriated with him for embarrassing them, Americans will
    tell themselves never to vote for someone with Hussein in their name to be
    their president - and it just might get a number of influential Moslems to
    abandon an important part of Islamic law. This is going to happen to Obama
    this year. And not only that. For he'll then be asked if he will support the
    efforts of Christian missionaries in Islamic countries to peacefully convert
    Moslems to Christianity.

    Yep, might as well put this guy to good use.

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    I have heard of people in Africa being declared Moslems just for going to a Moslem friends wedding or funeral. A lot of Africans are still Primitive Animists which the Moslems feel is lack of a religion. By going to a mosque the more extreme Moslems feel they have declared for Islam.
    I support enforcement and see its lack as bad for the 3rd World as well. Remittances are now mostly spent on consumption not production assets. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Guess I can somewhat repeat what I just said at the other Barack Obama article I just left, "Might as well invite the Big Bad Wolf to Red Riding Hood's house for good.

    Even if this is a 'repeat,' better keep reminding people his "True Colours" indeed !

    "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people, all the time..."

    To A Better Day America !

    Your Loyal Son & Servant ~


    Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death

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