BAD ADVICE: Yahoo News tells blacks to “take things from white people”

07/26/2023 // Ethan Huff // 0 Views

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A black "writer, cultural critic and championship-level Spades player" has written a piece for The Grio, which was also picked up and republished by Yahoo News, telling other black people that the only way for all of them to receive the reparations they feel they deserve is to "take things from white people."
Michael Harriot, the black man in question, actually titled his hate-filled rant "Take things from white people," opening it up with the question: "What is the opposite of backlash?"
Harriot's piece is a response to the Supreme Court's recent decision to overturn affirmative action policies that for decades have allowed colleges and universities across America the legal right to discriminate against white people and Asians while propping up blacks and Hispanics.
Also fueled by the 2020 George Floyd psy-op and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorism sprees that ensued, Harriot's anger seeps from every word of his piece, which basically calls on blacks to continue looting, robbing, and harming white people every chance they get.
"Over the last five years, the long game of white supremacy has stymied police reform [read: handcuffing cops], thwarted student debt relief [read: having blue-collar people pay off white-collar people's debt], criminalized Black history [read: protected kids from racist Critical Race Theory], ousted Black educators attempting to equalize education [read: shielded students from indoctrination] and made it harder for Black people to cast ballots [read: combated vote fraud]," Harriot writes.

(Related: America First Legal [AFL] has promised to sue any and all colleges and universities that violate the Supreme Court's overturning of affirmative action.)
EVERYONE except blacks opposes affirmative action and other racist policies

After unpacking a litany of statistics that he believes shows that white people are evil and want to keep all black people down, Harriot proceeds in his article to suggest that America faces an "unchanging stream (of) anti-Black sentiment that periodically pierces the wall of Black defenses."
"And while Black America is furiously defending itself, the white reaction is always the same: White people come to take things."
Harriot's hatred for whites blurred his understanding of the statistics he presented in this article, which is full of cherry-picked anti-white data points that completely ignore the fact that all of the things he hates about white people are also true of Asians, Hispanics, and pretty much every other non-black demographic.
"Consider that it isn’t just 57 percent of whites who oppose race-based affirmative action; Asians also do 52-37, while Hispanics are evenly split, according to the poll Harriot cites," writes Selwyn Duke for The New American.
"As for reparations, 65 percent of Asians and 58 percent of Hispanics join the whites in opposing it. In fact, every single demographic apart from blacks – whether defined by race / ethnicity, income, age, or educational level – opposes reparations. Why, even a plurality of Democrat / Democrat leaners do.
"So while Harriot tries to make whites appear the outliers here, it is blacks who oppose the rest of America on reparations."
Harriot made other false claims in his piece, including the statement that a "poor white child has as much economic opportunity as a Black child raised by wealthy parents." This claim was pulled straight out of Harriot's derriere since there is no such truth anywhere to be found in science.
In conclusion, Harriot's solution to all the things he feels are a problem is to simply commit crimes against white people and steal their stuff. This includes eliminating job recommendations, banning Santa Claus and Christmas songs, and banning all male and female bathrooms and books about heterosexual relationships, because all of these things are apparently anti-black.
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