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    BBC: Billionaire Donald Trump 'may run for US presidency

    Billionaire Donald Trump 'may run for US presidency'

    Trump says he will make a decision by next June

    18 November 2010 Last updated at 14:58 ET

    US property tycoon Donald Trump has said he is considering running for president in 2012.

    In an interview with ABC News, the billionaire Republican said he could "easily" spend more than $200m (£126m) of his own money on his campaign.

    "It could be fun because I'd like to see some positive things happen for the country," he said.

    He added that he would happily take on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who many believe will join the race.

    Mr Trump, who stars in the American version of TV show The Apprentice, said he believed that "everybody's ripping America off".

    The 64-year-old real estate mogul singled out China, saying that the country was "getting away with murder" by manipulating its currency.

    He said he believed the US was being used as a "whipping post".

    "The respect for this country is just not there," he said.

    'Led by fools'

    "I have many people from China that I do business with, they laugh at us. They feel we're fools. And almost being led by fools. And they can't believe what they're getting away with."

    In the interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, he added that he would probably make his decision by June.

    He was asked about the possibility of challenging Mrs Palin, who ran for vice-president in 2008, for the Republican ticket.

    "I would take her on. I like her, but I'd take her on," he said.

    Mrs Palin has not formally declared that she will stand, but many commentators have said they believe she will.
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    Is Trump Retarded?

    Is Trump Retarded? Does he really not know the Progressive agenda to dismantle the U S and destroy its constitution?

    Ummm Donny boy. The U S is being destroyed from within ON PURPOSE. I could not possibly vote for someone who does not understand the cancer of progressivism that is destroying it.

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    He gets it. He's just using a different rhetoric and actually saying what we need to do to fix it.
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    Will the thing on his head run for vice president?
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