Biden Seemingly Loses PlaceCoughs Through Speech

By Jacob Palmieri - December 21, 2021

Joe Biden gave a speech on Omicron which started around 2:30 PM E.T.
During the speech, he lost his place and started at another part.
Another speech, more evidence of his failing mental capabilities.

Washington Free Beacon

Biden just stopped mid-sentence and cut to another part of his speech

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2:50 PM Dec 21, 2021

Twitter users pointed out that Biden once again did not seem healthy:

Alex Salvi

These coughs are not reassuring.

2:54 PM Dec 21, 2021

Biden is coughing so much he can barely get through his speech. Reassuring.
Jordan Schachtel @ (@JordanSchachtel) December 21, 2021

Ryan Saavedra

Biden keeps coughing throughout this desperate speech in which he comes off as a total failure.

2:57 PM Dec 21, 2021


RNC Research

WATCH: Joe Biden admits his staff doesn't want him taking questions from reporters.

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3:14 PM Dec 21, 2021

Joe Concha

The number of people viewing this live feed has been hovering just above 4000. Yes, 4000.

What a joke:

President Biden


United States government official

Tune in as I deliver remarks on the status of the countrys fight against COVID-19.

2:52 PM Dec 21, 2021 from Wyckoff, NJ

Biden Seemingly Loses Place--Coughs Through Speech (