Biden: We Have the Votes For Gun Control in the Senate Now

JUNE 23 2013

According to POLITICO, Vice President Joe “Double Barrels to the Sky” Biden, has announced during a White House gun control even that Democrats believe they may have the votes needed to reach the 60 vote super majority needed to pass gun control in the Senate.

Biden has said at least five senators have called him looking to change their votes on gun control due to fallout in their approval ratings.
Biden’s statements were as followed,

“I’ve had at least five senators call me and say, ‘Can’t we do something about this?’” Biden said. “The calculus has changed, and so we’re in an effort to try to work out how we can provide another opportunity for those who voted no to change their vote. We all know that’s the hardest thing in politics, to change your vote. That’s why we’ve got to get a rationale, another reason why this could be done by changing the specifics of the legislation.”

Basically Biden is saying that some senators would like to support gun control, but would need the bills to be changed in order to justify changing their votes on the matter.

Biden said the changes of heart are related to the fact that allegedly some senators have seen “the bottom fall out” of their approval ratings. This is, however, a curios thing to say as Democrats across the country are taking losses. Take for example the two Democratic state senators who are beingrecalled in the state of Colorado for their support of gun control, or the Republican state house representative elected in CT – to a seat held by Democrats for over 40 years. Yes, I’d be very curious to look at the numbers Biden is citing.

What do you think? Does Biden really have the votes? Is he working the backrooms? Or is this just more rhetoric to save face from more failing policies in this administration?