Big Tech censorship KILLED over 116,000 Americans who were prevented from hearing the truth about vitamin D and covid

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) For the past several years, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have prohibited their users from sharing helpful information about the immune-boosting benefits of vitamin D. As a result, millions of Americans needlessly got sick or died amid the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic.
A new study published in the journal Scientific Reports shines a light on the fact that Big Tech, along with Big Government, kept from the people critical information about vitamin D that could have saved lives.
The open-access, peer-reviewed study claims that vitamin D supplementation to the tune of 50,000 IU (international units) per day could have helped four million Americans avoid illness and 116,000 Americans avoid death at the hands of the Fauci Flu.
Vitamin D supplementation provides protection against Covid infections; we could have avoided 4 million American COVID-19 cases if American politicians and medical organizations had implemented vitamin D supplementation; obviously more worldwide cases would have been prevented if this vitamin D supplementation had been implemented globally,” writes Dr. Alex Kennerly Vasquez about the new study.
Vasquez, by the way, has co-authored his own studies in the past that highlight not only the generalized health benefits of vitamin D but also its use as a remedy for the Chinese Virus.
“Vitamin D supplementation provides protection against Covid deaths; 116,000 American deaths could have been avoided with low-cost low-risk multiple-benefit vitamin D supplementation, especially at 50,000 IU per day.”
Are they (the government and the tech industry) trying to save lives or END them?

Dr. Eric Nepute, a chiropractor based out of Missouri, faces persecution and fines for recommending vitamin D to his patients throughout the scamdemic, this being another form of censorship.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is trying to squeeze out of Nepute half a trillion dollars for the “crime” of informing his patients and others on the web about not just vitamin D but also zinc and other minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that support a healthy immune system.
This would suggest that the FTC is trying to end people’s lives, not save them. For all that talk about “saving lives,” the government and social media platforms sure are trying their best to keep people in the dark about natural solutions that support staying alive.
Proof that vitamin D works is replete in the new study, which defies the lies that continue to be told by “authoritative” sources (i.e., the corporate-controlled media and Silicon Valley) that are pushing “vaccines,” face masks, and other tools of death.
Roughly half of the American public is either insufficient or deficient in vitamin D, which in and of itself is a crime against humanity when the nutrient is easily obtained through natural sunlight, grass-fed meats, and inexpensive supplementation.
The fact that Big Tech and Big Government are using your tax dollars to hide the truth from you while pushing chemical and biological poisons as the alleged “cure” for covid is a crime against humanity. But does anyone actually care enough to do anything about it?
“This country is a fascist monopoly that is branding us all as property to be managed,” wrote a commenter at Natural News.
“It is because we allowed the FDA to demonize natural remedies going back at least 100 years,” added another. “This is why they have free rein and a monopoly over our health. Rockefeller destroyed real medicine over a century ago. Covid is one example among many.”
Another added that in addition to vitamin D, he also takes vitamin C, zinc, n-acetyl cysteine (NAC), and several other natural, organic herbal supplements that support vibrant immunity.
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Big Tech censorship KILLED over 116,000 Americans who were prevented from hearing the truth about vitamin D and covid –