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    Blago Was Standing up to Bank of America, Crooks and Crooks

    It's mighty peculiar what old Blago was doing before the Feds decided to pull the plug (and oh, yes, NOW there's time to impeach, for all those traitors to the Constitution who fought against it for George Bush. I'm talking about Democrats. Now we're arresting the car-jacker in the den full of stone-cold killers.)

    BrassCheckTV reports:

    December 8 - Governor Rod Blagojevich announces the State of Illinois will cease doing business with Bank of America.

    December 9 - Governor Rod Blagojevich, who has been reportedly under investigation by the federal government for three years, is indicted based on a recent wire tap.

    If he is as dirty as he is being portrayed, why did it take three years to find something on him?


    When is the last time you saw a governor take a high profile stand for a small business and working people against a multinational bank?

    The FBI sure shut that down quick.

    Youtube video

    Now, now, before everyone gets their underwear all bunched in a wad, sure, Blago seems to be corrupt, and I'll join the lynch gang for the political hanging same as everyone else is. Human nature being what it is, if you don't, you risk getting lynched yourself. But what's this? The car-jacker (who never got 4200 fine Americans killed with lies) was going down the path of a big no-no when they finally busted him? Eliot Spitzer actually doing something right for once, busting Wall Street big boys when another wiretap catches his tawdry affair with a hooker? Bad boy, Eliot. Bad boy. Meanwhile Don Spiegelman gets sent to prison for the crime of being a Democrat winning in a red state, and Karl Rove is still walking free.

    Announcement: There will be no accountability for the Bush administration after he leaves office. The scumbags who would not even impeach him will certainly not have the fortitude to prosecute him, or any of them. Anyway, he's just going to pardon himself and everyone around him, so forget it.

    My my, look at how fast someone can be impeached when they are messing with B of A. This is serious, not just starting some dumb old war, shredding the Constitution, defying congressional subpoenas, and otherwise in a thousand different ways telling the American people to go &%^# themselves.

    Support the one impeachment article, three-day hearing, up-or-down vote for history on impeaching Bush.


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    Even the X New York Govenor was forced out of office for seeing a prostitute, after he went after top Banking officials over Sub Prime Corruption

    Although I hated the man and he got what he deserved..... It's all about the money and if you play thier game or not... If you Lie, Cheat and Steal... you will do well... if you go after corruption you will go down and go down hard

    The Federal Government will set you up and wait for the word to take you down... it's just the way it is.. the way this country does business

    as a side bar..... they are ALL Crooks and until you vote OUT all the INCUMBANT (Politicians) it will not change
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    exactly. I am against both murder and theft, but I'll go after the murderer first. Thieves get what they deserve, but this thief was doing something slightly redeeming and so he had to go down. It's a matter of priorities. do you remember in the book Catch-22 when the Italian military police are racing toward a brothel where a sicko American soldier has just thrown a prostitute out the window? They bust into the room and instead of arresting the killer, they arrest the guy who is AWOL.

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