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Thread: BLP Exclusive: Faith Goldy Responds to Facebook, Instagram Bans

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    BLP Exclusive: Faith Goldy Responds to Facebook, Instagram Bans

    BLP Exclusive: Faith Goldy Responds to Facebook, Instagram Bans

    Goldy was deemed a “Dangerous Individual.”

    Published17 hours ago
    on Apr 8, 2019
    By Peter D'Abrosca

    Monday, a Canadian right-wing reporter and activist was banned from the world’s largest social network, along with its smaller subsidiary.
    “Facebook, without any warning to me, has informed Canada’s state journalists that they consider me to be a ‘Dangerous Individual,'” Faith Goldy told Big League Politics.
    “What a farce! I’m a 29-year-old Canadian girl who loves my country and makes videos citing statistics from my kitchen table,” she continued. “If enemies of nationalism consider little ol’ me to be a threat, it shows you how weak their arguments really are. Newsflash: Ideas took countries and whole continents by storm long before Instagram models and Facebook likes were a thing.”

    Goldy was banned from Instagram, too, which is owned by Facebook.

    She also implored President Donald J. Trump to step in and regulate big tech, which has garnered a reputation for censoring conservatives.
    “That said, it sure would be nice to see Donald Trump regulate these censorious companies sometime before 2020 because this sure ain’t what the free market looks like, Chief!” Goldy said.
    Goldy had some thoughts on the Communications and Decency Act, specifically Section 230, which protects Facebook and other tech giants from lawsuits by users. An update to this law could help protect users from big tech tyranny. She said:
    Facebook is racist. Mark. Zuckerberg discriminates. Instagram and Facebook, under Zuckerberg’s leadership, perpetuate systemic racism against whites who celebrate the merits of Western Civilization.
    And CDA 230 protects Zuckerberg’s racism.
    When a tech giant like Facebook bans a user, they are in effect acting as user themselves — but they are users which also curate their own content — and should therefore be able to be sued.
    Currently CDA 230 protects sites like Facebook from being sued even though they are curating their own content. When they ban opinions they don’t like, and eject users who haven’t violated their TOS, they are engaging in defamatory conduct, as well as tortious interference.
    Users who are substantively injured by Facebook and Instagram should be able to sue those platforms for reputational damage.

    Goldy is in good company. Nearly every effective difference-maker in the conservative world has been censored in one way or another. Radio show host Alex Jones was banned from nearly every major tech platform. Right-wing commentator Gavin McInnes was banned from Twitter, along with activist and Big League Politics contributor Laura Loomer.

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