BOMBSHELL REVELATION: Devon Archer admits then-VP Joe Biden knew about Hunter Biden’s business meetings with foreign associates

08/08/2023 // Laura Harris // 60 Views

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Tucker Carlson sat down with Devon Archer just two days after the latter testified before Congress about the involvement of Hunter Biden with Ukrainian energy company Burisma.
In his testimony, Archer admitted that he and Hunter Biden had leveraged the Biden name to their advantage in their business endeavors. He further revealed to Carlson that the Biden name carried weight and influence that contributed to the success of Hunter Biden. (Related: Archer: Joe Biden fired prosecutor investigating Burisma for corruption because the company was paying Hunter for protection.)
"The brand of Biden adds a lot of power when your dad's the vice president," Archer candidly admitted, reflecting on the undeniable advantage Hunter Biden enjoyed due to his family ties.
Carlson pressed Archer further on whether then-Vice President Joe Biden was aware of the business meetings and calls that involved Hunter Biden.
Archer revealed that during these meetings and dinners, Joe Biden was not only aware of the presence of business associates but that he himself interacted with them. "Yeah, I think I can definitively say at particular dinners and meetings, he knew there were business associates," Archer said.
The former associate of Hunter Biden also recounted this incident during the closed-door session in Congress. According to Rep. Dan Goldman, D-N.Y., Archer narrated that Hunter Biden had placed his father on speakerphone during meetings around 20 times. These instances, Archer clarified, did not pertain to business discussions but were rather focused on casual conversations and pleasantries.

Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the chair of the committee, emphasized Archer's claim that Joe Biden had participated in Hunter's business dinners with foreign associates, both in person and via speakerphone. Archer conveyed that the presence of Joe Biden was used to enhance the "brand" associated with the family name.
Archer also spoke about the power and impact of Hunter Biden's ability to connect directly with his father during business meetings. Archer referred to this access as the "pinnacle of power in DC," emphasizing the influence wielded by having direct communication with such a high-ranking government official.
Archer's testimony fuels debate between Republicans and Democrats

The House Oversight Committee has been probing foreign payments received by members of the Biden family. However, Rep. Comer argued that the testimony of Archer suggested that Joe Biden had not been forthright regarding his knowledge of Hunter's business activities.
Republican lawmakers have alleged the involvement of Joe Biden in his son's business ventures, but the White House vehemently denied the accusations.
Despite the testimony, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), maintained his belief that President Biden is compromised, advocating for an impeachment inquiry. However, Rep. Goldman labeled this assertion as "completely absurd" and reaffirmed Archer's repeated denial of Joe Biden's direct engagement in Hunter Biden's business affairs.
Attorneys representing Hunter Biden have refrained from commenting on the testimony of Archer. Ian Sams, a spokesperson for the White House counsel's office, issued a statement denouncing the claims made by House Republicans and asserting that their own witness had debunked allegations against the president.
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