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    Book Review:Wakeup Call From Mexico, 'Spiraling Toward Chaos

    Book Review: Spiraling Toward Chaos
    By Fred Elbel

    Volume 20, Number 2 (Winter 2009-2010)

    Issue theme: "Timeout! The case for a moratorium on legal immigration."

    View original PDF format ... _elbel.pdf

    Wakeup Call From Mexico

    An Historical and Contemporary Understanding of Mexico’s Pandemic Violence, Drug War, Kidnappings, and Illegal Immigration; How to Safeguard America as America Spirals Toward Chaos

    By Wilson Beck

    Mucho Press

    Occasionally, a book is published which, while providing a myriad of details on a subject matter, also conveys the complete gestalt — the big picture. Wakeup Call From Mexico is such a book. Immensely readable, this book describes Mexico’s violent history, its class-based society, its ineffective and corrupt political system, and the serious threat that Mexico as a nearly failed state poses to the United States. The historical perspective alone makes this book required reading for all concerned with U.S.-Mexico relations and unending illegal immigration across the unsecured U.S.-Mexico border.

    The author, Wilson Beck, possesses substantial credibility as one who has spent more than forty years in Mexico as his second home. As a true Mexicophile, he has studied Mexico’s history, people and cultural differences that have now taken it to the brink of catastrophe. Mexico Lindo (beautiful Mexico) has become Mexico Pilogrosso (dangerous Mexico). An examination of Mexico’s enthralling history reveals why.

    Mexico’s Golden Age

    When Cortéz landed in 1519 and claimed the region for Spain, there were between 10 and 30 million inhabitants in Mexico, yet when the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1620, there were probably fewer than 5 million inhabitants in the region known today as the U.S. The floating gardens of Tenochititlán (Mexico City) were surrounded by a million people while the largest European cities supported about 300,000. Beck states quite succinctly that “Pre-Columbian civilization in the U.S. was rudimentary to that of Mexico.
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    in 2005, approximately 75 percent of illegal alien families in the U.S. were single-mother families
    And they and their anchor babies are bleeding us dry.
    "A Nation of sheep will beget a government of Wolves" -Edward R. Murrow

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    Mexico isn't a nearly failed state, it is one and has been for a good number of years. Calderon and top officials, and supposed law enforcement personnel are only alive because the cartels allow it. The ones getting killed are the ones who refuse to play the cartels game. Calderon is putting on an act and selling his own people down the river.

    I wonder just how much of our corrupt government is owned by cartels and mafia.
    As Aristotle said, “Tolerance and apathy are the first virtue of a dying civilization.

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    Wow what I just read from Beck is amazing. He put into words what so many of us are thinking. Now if we can get the rest of America to see the truth, not just politically correct reverse racism, then we will be on the right track!

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