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    BREAKING: Al Sharpton Announces Nationwide Race Riots… Here’s the List of Cities He’s

    BREAKING: Al Sharpton Announces Nationwide Race Riots… Here’s the List of Cities He’s Targeting

    Thursday, November 20th, 2014The Rev. Al Sharpton has always been keen to maintain his reputation as the least plausible cleric since Elmer Gantry.

    The racial tension and riots in Ferguson, Mo. have proved to be the perfect vehicle to do just that.

    Not just satisfied with creating unrest in one beleaguered Missouri city, though, the “Reverend” is looking to go national with his “peaceful protests” that worked out so well in Ferguson.

    With that, Sharpton’s group, the National Action Network (NAN) has put out a list of national protest sites, because apparently just one city experiencing hellish violence and racial strife just isn’t enough. [H/T Gateway Pundit.]

    “In anticipation of the impending grand jury decision in Ferguson, MO, National Action Network (NAN) Chapters are encouraging community members to join them when it is announced,” the statement reads.

    “Regardless of what the decision is, NAN chapters in over 20 cities around the country will gather.” So you lose either way.
    If Officer Wilson is indicted, the release says, the protests “will focus on what would be a teaching moment on how to deal with national legislation for policing.”

    I had personally thought the unctuous, condescending, leaden idiom “teaching moment” had been retired, but apparently it still lives on in the lexicon of the professionally-offended.

    “If the Ferguson grand jury decision clears him of criminal charges then NAN will call for protests to remain peaceful and for the federal government to come in with a federal grand jury to move for civil rights charges on excessive force,” it continues.
    Yes, just like the “peaceful” protests that Sharpton and other leaders have led in Ferguson up until now..

    Given their previous success at keeping their civil disobedience peaceful in Ferguson, you might think that Sharpton and his compatriots might have decided to forego these mass gatherings this time, but no, they’re going to keep right at it.

    We all know that when Al Sharpton uses the phrase “peaceful protest,” it’s done with a nudge and a wink.

    It’s an meaningless blanket get-out-of-jail-free card meant to keep him out of trouble when these race baiting spectacles inevitably spiral out of control.

    It seems that Sharpton seems to sense the writing on the wall as to how the grand jury will go.

    This week, Sharpton wrote a piece in the New York Times, suggesting that we do away with the grand jury process (at least in cases like Officer Wilson’s), and merely take the person to jury trial.

    Because if the facts don’t work out in your favor, change the rules. And if that doesn’t work,break stuff.

    Here are the venues for Sharpton’s Magical Misery Tour:

    ATLANTA, GA: 75 Spring St, SW, 2211 U.S. Courthouse
    BIRMINGHAM, AL: 1729 5th Avenue North #140
    ATLANTIC CITY, NJ: 2715 Atlantic Ave
    BROOKLYN, NY: 225 Cadman Plaza E. Brooklyn, NY
    CHARLESTON, NC: 200 East Bay Street City of Charleston Police Department, 180 Lockwood Blvd
    CHARLOTTE, NC: 401 West Trade Street
    CHICAGO, IL: 219 S Dearborn St #74
    CINCINNATI, OH: 550 Main Street
    PHILADELPHIA, PA: 601 Market Street
    CLEVELAND, OH: 801 West Superior Avenue
    DETROIT, MI: 231 W Lafayette Blvd
    FERGUSON, MO: (Police Department), 222 S. Florissant Road
    LOS ANGELES, CA COURT HOUSE: 255 East Temple
    NATCHEZ, MS: 109 North Pearl Street
    NEWARK, NJ: 970 Broad St. (Broad/Walnut Sts.)
    OAKLAND, CA: 1225 Fallon Street
    ORLANDO, FL: 401 West Central Boulevard
    PATERSON, NJ: 401 Grand Street
    PHOENIX, AZ: 400 West Washington
    SANFORD, FL: 1300 Park Avenue
    TALLAHASSEE, FL: 111 South Adams Street

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    In December of 2009, the Congressional Black Caucus sent a letter to Obama, calling for, among other things, the creation of neighborhood based jobs. Simple things, such as taking seniors shopping. The idea was to get people doing things which could be done with minimal training.

    The CBC wanted those jobs created in areas with the highest unemployment. That meant that black Americans would be the primary beneficiaries of the job creation. Obama never even acknowledged having received that letter.

    Early in 2010, Obama met with a few black leaders, including Sharpton. After the meeting, Sharpton said words to the effect that we can't pass a law that benefits only one group of people.

    So old Reverend Al showed that he was completely willing to join Obama in throwing black Americans under the bus. Toxic 'Bama did it, to get the votes of his precious Undocumented Democrats. It looks to me as if Sharpton did it, so that he could still stir up blacks to demonstrate in public and also get money from well intentioned, but ignorant donors.
    Americans first in this magnificent country

    American jobs for American workers

    Fair trade, not free trade

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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

    Sign in and post comments here.

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