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Brexit from Hell for the UK, 2458

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The Still Report
Published on Nov 26, 2018

Synopsis: Today UK Prime Minister Teresa May – supposedly of the “Conservative” party – signed an agreement with European Union officials for the UK to actually leave the EU. Keep in mind, during the debate before the referendum on Brexit, the EU claimed that it was illegal for any country to even try to exit the EU. Well, in any case, Teresa May was seen on British tele smiling and shaking hands with EU officials over the deal they have now struck. So let’s get this straight; two years ago, it was illegal and now they are happy about it??? Anyone with half a brain knows something stinks about this agreement. Well, Brexit leader, Nigel Farage, who is also a member of the European Parliament for southeast England, calls this Brexit agreement a charade. Fortunately, the agreement has to pass in the British Parliament and already members are sounding off against it. Here’s Nigel.