Brexit revolution exploding

Brexit fever is causing chaos across the pond.

April 18, 2019
By Robert B. Sklaroff

Brexit presaged President Trump's election, and it continues to reflect the global populist revolt undermining globalists in the U.K., USA, and E.U. It explains why the newly created Brexit Party leapfrogged Labor and the Tories to the no. 1 spot in a shock European election poll.

As time was ticking down for Britain to come to a Brexit agreement, "Brexit Madness" characterized rising mental health issues in Parliament. To strategize, German chancellor Merkel warmly welcomed Barack Obama for a closed-door meeting as a humiliated G.B. P.M. Theresa May begged for another Brexit delay. Thus, the E.U. was set to offer May a one-year "flexible" delay to Brexit, but the mandate that she concede anything meaningful to attain this was a P.R. stunt, for they colluded with her transparent procrastination. Thus, M.P.s gave May the authority to leave the E.U. on April 12 without a deal, and a no-deal Brexit appeared imminent.

Alas, this was not to be, for, after May admitted she couldn't pass her Brexit deal without Labor, Boris Johnson (a Tory turncoat who defected on the most recent "indicative" vote) attacked any effort to allow "Marxist" Corbyn to dictate Brexit and portrayed as "surrender" becoming "non-voting EU members." Yet she did just that (failing again). Ultimately, a "democratic outrage" occurred, as M.P.s voted to pass a bill forcing Brexit delay, stopping No Deal by one vote.

(There is a "Jewish" dimension to what is occurring under the radar. Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, wrote, "We must stand up to the Zionist lobby" over the ban of a Jew-hating blood-libel Muslim cleric from the U.K. Also, a Labour shadow minister "regrets" calling Zionism "the enemy of peace." As a result, a mayor quit the Labor Party because it is full of "antisemites, racists and homophobes." Contrariwise, despite Brexit woes, May is a hero to many British Jews. Problematic is her decision, as home secretary, to ban Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.)
Triggered by May's having betrayed the Conservatives and lost their biggest electoral asset (despite multiple protestations over the years), a populist rebellion erupted because she willfully frustrated the result of the people's vote of 2016. The current battlefield is the upcoming E.U. elections (plurality would be angry if U.K. took part in E.U. elections after Brexit delay versus furious Tories will try to oust May if U.K. fights Euro elections). Thus, after May confirmed that Brits will vote in E.U. elections, despite having voted to leave the bloc three years earlier, Brexit leader Nigel Farage said EU elections will herald a "new future for British democracy," and other Brexiteers vowed to sabotage Brussels.

Predictably, "Remainer" Tony Blair now pleads for an E.U. referendum rerun so the people can "reach the Right Conclusion"; Eurocrat Donald Tusk "dreams" of Brexit reversal and claims, "We cannot give in to fatalism." Recalling the Eagles' song "Hotel California," Tusk pushed for a "long but flexible" Brexit delay ahead of the E.U. Council. Others view Brexit as a sign of a maturing European Union, for more countries should try leaving. A "compromise" posture was viewed as pointless (EU Customs Union), notwithstanding the issues related to the "back-up" proposal that would undermine return of the "troubles" between the two Irelands. Invoking this parameter as a poison pill, America's globalist Dems have weighed in; Speaker Pelosi warned that there is "no chance" of a Brexit trade deal (between the USA and the U.K., alleviating stress if there is a cold exit) if the Irish peace process is threatened.
Hope springs eternal.