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    But what is NAIS?

    But what is NAIS?

    The National Animal ID program was originally designed to give the big beef producers help in getting export markets which required disease controls.

    The idea is that every single livestock animal in the United States will be identified and tagged. All livestock animal movements will be tracked, logged and reported to the government. The benefit is to the big factory farms who probably do need this type of regulation. They get to do single ID’s for large groups of animals. Small farmers, pet owners and homesteaders will have to tag and track every single animal.

    There are no exceptions - even small farms that sell direct to local consumers will be required to pay the fees and file all the paper work on all their animals. Even horse, llama and other pet owners will be required to participate in NAIS. Homesteaders who raise their own meat and grandma with her one egg hen will also have to register their homes as ‘farm premises’ and obtain a Premise ID, tag all their animals and submit all the paperwork and fees. Absurd? Yes - There are no exceptions under the current NAIS plan. The USDA has slipped this plan in the back door without any legislation. This is going to be very expensive and guess who is going to pay for it in higher food prices… You!

    How did it happen?

    The USDA is rushing the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) through as fast as it is legally allowed to do. This minimizes comment from the users who will be hit hardest: the consumers, pet owners, small farmers and homesteaders. The government is slipping NAIS through as a regulation authorized under the Patriot Act rather than having it be reviewed as legislation. This allows them to get less public comment and notice. Comment periods have already closed on many aspects without people even being aware that NAIS exists.

    Meanwhile, the large ’stakeholders’, Big Agri-Biz, have had lots of opportunities to shape NAIS to fit their agenda at every turn of the draft development process. This is not democracy in action - this is an oligarchy of Big Govi-Corp doing what is best for their bottom line profits.
    NAIS has its origins in the desire of the big meat producers to be able to better sell their products in foreign markets. Certain countries which import beef have banned US beef imports because of worries about disease and contamination. In an attempt to open up these markets, Big Agri-Biz came up with the original NAIS draft plan.

    These big business factory farms were joined by animal tag manufacturers looking to maximize their market for unnecessary and costly products - what better way than to require all animals in America to be tagged!?! Making it mandatory was just all the more delicious.
    All of this resulted in trade agreements between the United States and other countries that require the United States to implement electronic identification on all pets and livestock for “Farm to Fork” tracking of all meat.

    These groups were able to advance their plan without legislative review by claiming it was a “Homeland Security” issue to secure our national herd and food supply against terrorists.

    This let the USDA to create NAIS as a regulation under the Patriot Act without the approval of our Congressional representatives. The worst part is that NAIS will consolidate our food supply into the hands of fewer and fewer giant corporations. The effect will be to endanger the very national herd and food supply they claim to want to protect - all while increasing the cost to consumers and taking away our traditional rights to farm.

    If This Doesn’t Wake The American Sheepeople Up Nothing Will

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    I think we need to tag illegals, the minute they cross the borders!
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    Farmer charged over lost ear-tag ... r-tag.html

    Farmer charged over lost ear-tag
    06/03/2006 09:00:00
    Farmers Weekly

    Cumbria dairy farmer Robert Emerson will be sentenced later this month after being convicted by Penrith magistrates of four charges under the 1968 Trade Description Act involving burying an unidentified cow on his farm.

    Mr Emerson claims to have been following DEFRA instructions.

    The exhumation of a Holstein cow at Mr Emerson's Pembroke House Farm, Brougham, near Penrith was undertaken last summer by Trading Standards officials following the discovery that two cows in the herd were carrying the same ear-tag number.

    This is the first time a cow has been exhumed in the county under the new powers of Trading Standards.

    When one of his cows lost an ear-tag, Mr Emerson said he had inadvertently replaced it with the tag number of a cow already in the herd.

    One of the cows was culled, but when the second cow was also ready to be taken out of the herd Mr Emerson realised his error.

    "I couldn't get anyone to remove the cow from the farm dead or alive because it didn't have a passport," said Mr Emerson.
    "Following a phone call to DEFRA I was told to have the cow put down and to bury her on the farm.

    But I didn't get that instruction in writing and it has led to all of this," he added.

    He said farmers were unsure about what to do if a cow lost a tag without it appearing to be suspicious.

    "Older cows in the herd stand a greater risk of losing an ear tag.

    What's happened to me highlights the problems farmers face," he said.

    A DEFRA spokesman said the advice Mr Emerson claimed to have been given was not in line with official policy on what to do when a cow lost a tag.

    "We expect cows to lose tags, but farmers should notify the manufacturer of the tag so that its loss can be registered on the national database.

    This means there is no confusion over the animal's identity during the time a new tag is made and issued."

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    by Jeremy Hunt (About this Author)
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    Around here, people raise chickens, goats and guineses in there back yard. I guess the people will be rounded up under the Patriot Act.
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    I heard the "anti-RFID lady", a few times on Coast To Coast A.M.

    She says they sometimes use satellite pictures, to monitor the quantity, or movements, of people's livestock.



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    That is correct. They already have them in the tires of big rigs which are operated in the US, not the ones coming in from Mexico of course. I spoke to a tire manufactures who told me that RFID cannot be tracked if the vehicle is moving more than six miles an house. But they can use sidelight to locate them.

    RFID is what they want us to have on all of our license plates so we can be tracked per mile and for whatever reasons they may want to track hard working Americans.
    I stay current on Americans for Legal Immigration PAC's fight to Secure Our Border and Send Illegals Home via E-mail Alerts (CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP)

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